POP your heart out.

UPDATE: Since you might not all want to read about my novel writing adventures (how could you not?), I made a different blog just for NaNo. So click over to Do You Believe in What You Want? for all the delicious writing madness and stay here for the MP3s. Just make sure you check it out and leave me a comment or two. You will then officially become a friend of the bubble death and earn my love forever.

The Books-"Take Time"

This is insane, beautiful, mesmerizing, innovative, inspirational, adorable experimental music. Un-fucking-believable. You know how we usually don't go for this experimental/abstract stuff? Well, this is experimental POP. It's innocent and dark and charming. It's light hearted and depressing at the same moment. It's a new world, it's a new universe, even. I mean, The Books just takes everything you expect an instrument or a voice to do and toss it out the window in a smooth curve. And it introduces you to a new realm of appreciation without being ear curdling difficult to take in. It's got a melody! It's got a human voice! It's got weird stuff and makes it great! Yes, okay, it's a little pretencious at times, but name me an indie band that isn't! I thought so.

Which brings me to my next point (or, the song/band name brings me to my next point. Hey, I'm allowed a little pun room!). Remember how I sort of talked about what's going on in November? Well, now, if you're wondering, here's a detailed description and also what's going to happen for this blog.

Hey, look! A hidden message! We bide you a happy Halloween (our favorite Holiday EVER) and a terrifying night!

Yes, I'll be writing a 100,000 words novel next month for NaNoWriMo, and yes, the standard is 50,000 but I type at an unnatural pace, so I want a challenge. And also a longer book just looks better. That is, of course, adding on to school work and blog work and everything else. So bear with me if I start ranting or typing gibberish (or even...gasp! Missing a post now and then when the word count is tight and time is ticking). Also, I don't have enough time to scout out new music as well. I know, I'm so sorry!

But wait! I will be posting some not so recent songs. Old music is good music, too! These won't be songs I already know you know. Don't worry. These might be bands that are no longer with up (R.I.P.), bands you might have missed, or songs by bands that you know that you might have missed. Make sense? Just trust me on this. I'll be posting great music. What I won't do, however, is post as much about it. Expect short line descriptions, and the rest of the post will probably be me filling you in on how many words I managed to churn out (yawn). If I'm feeling generous, I might even post a little excerpt. Maybe.

Don't think of it as me abandoning you for a month. Think of it as more time for me to spent on you for the rest of the year.

And, if you read this far and you're still interested...what crazy type of novel am I going to write? The truth is, I'm not sure yet. I have a general idea (something about some band making some music that makes people go insane and blah blah blah) and I know there will be blood. There will be gore. There will be deaths and various painful instruments. Other than that, no characters, no outline, no real setting. Let's see if I can pull it off...and wish me luck for the biggest marathon of the year!

Beck @ Rimac Arena, San Diego--10/27/05

You know, I've never written a concert review before, and I figure now's as good a time as any to start. Maybe I'll even make it a regular thing (but I doubt it). So if my writing ends up terrible or boring to the point of...zzz, feel free to tell me and I'll make a note to shut up next time.

We got to the arena about 25 minutes before the opening band came on, so we had a space smack in the middle of the floor halfway back. It's actually the farest I've been from the stage and took away from the experience a little. The crowd looked eager, and ranged from middle-aged "Loser" lovers to college hipsters. At least a third of the girls there had the exact same haircut. Very entertaining.

The opening band, Islands, was a charming little indie pop group from Montreal (duh!) that no one had ever heard of. They had matching Rooney haircuts and white suits, except for one black dude on bass who looked totally Jamiacan. Didn't get the crowd too worked up, but they were clever and enjoyable enough for it not to be a waste of time.

So around nine, the god of alternative singer/songwriters came on stage in a scientologist outfit with a saffari hat and matching jacket. It did not stop him from looking ubelievably hipster or sexy. A guy that looked like Rivers Cumo playing in Franz Ferdinland did his wild dancing moves and rocked out like there was no tomorrow. Surprisingly, they opened with "Loser" and probably woke up half the crowd. "Loser" melted into "Black Tamburine", and the show really started.

So I don't have a tracklisting, and Beck played too many songs to keep track, but he did plays songs from every album. And again, he brought out "Devil's Haircut", "Girl" and "Where It's At" during the first half of the show. Really, really strange. "Where It's At", of course, knocked the crowd wild. Mr. Franz Ferdinland guy brought out a boombox, and a bigger boombox, and an even bigger boombox, and finally brought a gigantic monster of one down from the ceiling. Amazing.

But the best stage performance was probably when the band brought up a table, glasses, plates and silverware and sat around eating while Beck sung acoustic ballads from Sea Change and Mutations. Then, the clanking of the silverware, glasses and plates merged into a fantastic rhythm and beat to the song. It was so well arranged and executed. The dinnertable turned into the percussion for "Clap Hands", which had everyone dancing and having a great time. Beck dropped R-Kelly satire to "Deborah" and had the crowd chuckling and clapping.

For the encore he did "E-Pro", which, you wouldn't think is that much of a dance song but when live, rocked out harder than any other, and a few others that I can't remember as of this moment. A bunch of fans got on stage and danced like there was no tomorrow. It was fantastic fun.

Most of the time, he stayed on the acoustic/electric guitar, but for a few songs he had his trust worthy harmonica around his neck and beat drums.

The whole experience, in a word, would be, deckerthanhell.

Beck-"Clap Hands" (The title is actually "CLAP hands" and not "CRAP hands" as the MP3 says, so go ahead and fix it yourself since I'm too lazy to do it.


Every time I hear the beginning of this song, my mind just screams "The Appleseed Cast!" over and over again. But Pilotdrift doesn't really sound like the Appleseed Cast. They're more of the experimental, textured, Broken Social Scene type cast.

Anyway, you know how I am with bells and pretty twinkling sounds. There's a melancholy and despair here present in few other songs. The guitars, and the voice, and the background rings all flow together so beautifully. It actually brings the atmosphere of winter to your ears, just not the Christmas/let's make a snowman and sing carols aspects of it. Something about it is also hopelessly romantic, perhaps it's the dangling arpeggios and soothing keyboards I hear in the background. And you know what makes it even better? The album, Iter Facere, from which this song comes is out of print and totally exclusive. Grab the song while you can!

Early notice: in November I will be doing something totally insane (read: NaNoWriMo). More details on...Monday, probably, but I think you should all check out the madness and see if you want to be a part of it! It's totally worth it and spine tingling fun.

Everyone say hello to the cool kid over at Musings of An Indie Kid (and try not to scare him away, okay?)

Now you've heard of Googlism, but check out Google's new way of insulting/flattering you to no end. Google Fights gives you just as many laughs and some surprising results. Place your bets before clicking to see the winner in some of these life or death threatening activities:
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Vampires Vs. Zombies
Llamas Vs. Manatees
Me Vs. You

The iDog--slurping down your music since 2005

You have your iPod, your iRiver and your iRock, but now it's time to introduce another member to your iFamily. Check out the iDog, a cute little thing that plays your MP3s through his little speakers and dance to the beat of the music?! It's too bad that while he does have an attitude and personality, there's no room for those of us who aren't hardcore rockers, pimpin gangsters or raving dancers.

And of course, tomorrow's a CD release crazy date. You should definitely get the new Rogue Wave record, called Rogue Descended Like Vultures. I'm too lazy to list all the releases tomorrow, but of course Largehearted Boy has the cool list.

That's it for news Monday. More news about random happenings some other day...

Robyn-Konichiwa Bitches

So there's a pretty good chance you've already heard this song from The Flux, but it's Swedish and it's brilliant pop, and also it looked like the shortest track on her self titled...yeah, this is how I'm going to decide what track to post aside from musical merit.

Robyn is non-guilty pop with R&B and pinches of electronica/dance flavor, with a bonus of sassy and too much fun lyrics. "Konichiwa Bitches" is like the perfect song of introduction. There's her special effects and catchy lines and a cranking bass. There's also little bleeps and bloops that adds to the atmosphere. And you know what's really cool? She's on her very own label after leaving a major! Hurray!

The Cardigans-"I Need Some Fine Wine and You, You Need to Be Nicer"

I think I fell in love with this song (and possibly this band) the moment I set my ears on the adorable little thing. To tell you the truth, this is the first time I've heard any Cardigans song. Yes, I kept hearing about them, but some how I never got around to checking them out. And now, I realize that I should always trust the recommendations of others and follow their advice. I think it'd be great if you followed my advice and checked it out, too. Because it's just. So. Damned. Good.

So there's this guitar tingling all over the place, and Miss Cardigan-you-need-to-be-nicer's voice is nicer than I could ask for. It's also got some energy to keep you from getting bored. A mixture of indie pop and twee and pop rock that'll keep you bobbing your head ever so slightly and perhaps humming under your breath. It's perfect for those days in the fall, walking alone through a seluded path, gathering thoughts for the next busy day. Or maybe just for squeezing in the subway, if you're a NYC kind of guy.

Sadly, the new album, Super Extra Gravity isn't available in the U.S. and maybe not the U.K. either. Not even the import. But have patience, and it'll come, and mainwhile ponder and chew on the song.

Sweden has got to be the capital of pop...except that I've yet to post other Swedish artists. I thought I did, but damn it. Expect some this weekend, then, to brighten up your days!

The Go! Team-Bottle Rocket

You’re standing in a little girl's room. The walls are bright yellow with rounded black suns grinning from every corner. The wooden floor let out a small click for every step you take in your battered Converse. The girl is about five or six years old. She sits on her bed and swings her legs back and forth, back and forth. She has pigtails held up with two long red ribbons. She’s wearing an artsy and cool without trying shirt a little too big from Random Nicole and a dark denim skirt. Not one of those preppy slutty ones, but a really sweet and smart one that flattens out at the end.

You survey her bed. You notice a gigantic, fluffy teddy bear next to the pillow. The fur looks softer than silk and you have a sudden urge to grab it, smother it, and squeeze it to no end. He has on a playful tie and a fitted shirt. The little girl had drawn little monsters on it. Somewhere near the edge of the shirt, you see the title of a Smiths’ song. Upon closer inspection, you realize that in fact it says boy, and not girl least likely to. Your skin tingles. What other treasures will you find? On the other side of the bed you see a girl and a boy doll holding hands. Both of them have on grins so big it’s a surprise their faces aren’t exploding. The boy’s doll is cradling a notepad in his hand. You see a sketch of an architectural design. And maybe the girl is holding a map of Helsinki. You can’t be sure.

You turn away from the bed and the first thing that catches your eyes is tossed in a corner of the room. You see a number of brightly colored balls of all shapes and sizes. Exciting patterns and designs swirl and dances. Every one looks like it’s ready to be brought out, bounced around, slapped, thrown up and caught, and danced with. You take a step closer (click, goes the floor), and lifts one up. It’s light and begging to be tossed around. You toss it up and on the other side of the ball you see a big, screaming exclamation mark. You soon notice that all the other balls have words on them. You see a “the” “go” and “team”.

The Go! Team,” says the little girl, suddenly, with an edge to her voice. She jumps up and points a finger at her portable iPod stereo, which you failed to notice before. And suddenly this beat and this song leap out. Your eyes widen and you take a step back. You were expecting fluffy, twee like, dream like, child like, cuddlecore like sounds, and instead you get this.

And suddenly you are hit with a vision so strong you almost fall down to the floor. You see a brown skinned girl on a background suitable for a Beck video. She’s wearing short denimn shorts and a rainbow shirt. She’s dancing and shaking like there’s no tomorrow. She reminds you of, oh, I don’t know…say, M.I.A. And you are hardly able to resist the urge to jump up and dance with her. And also chant along the lyrics that you don’t yet know.

The little girl seems to read your mind. She jumps up and begin chanting. “The! Go! Team! The! Go! Team!”

You’re taken back by the sheer number of exclamations she puts in and you decide to test it out yourself. Suddenly you can’t stop adding an exclamation mark after every word and you skip! Out! Of! The! Room! In! Sheer! Joy!

Go Big Casino-Power

It's been a while since I posted Jimmy Eat World related info/songs and now I figure it's time to bring it back. If you've been reading this blog any time in the past, you should know what I'm talking about.

So you know (and you should love!) Jimmy Eat World. You might know that the rock star singing and slamming on his guitar most of the time is Mr. Jim Adkins. But did you know that Jim once had a little side project called Go Big Casino? It's not very well known or publicized. Some might call it a secret. It does seem to be a fanboy/fangirl obsession. Go Big Casino came up with songs that you might have heard from Jimmy Eat World, namely "My Sundown", "Drugs or Me", and "Hear You Me". They have no real released records, although the Go Big Casino website (no direct affliation with Jim or anything like that) seems to offer seven of the ten tracks of a supposed demo released. Oooh, the mystery of it all!

Jim: I might use up your precious time but I don't touch nothing else. Oh wait...I meant...uhhhh. Go Big Casino doesn't exist!

You've probably guessed that Go Big Casino is really good and that I'm pretty much in love with them. You guess correctly. If you've heard any of the JEW songs mentioned above, you probably also have an idea of what they sound like...not exactly classic Jimmy. It lies a little more on the indie pop side of things, with organs and synths and bells and acoustic guitars. The melodies are delightful, as usual, and Jim's voice is a love to listen to. It feels even more intimate in a happy type of way than Clarity moments. And Clarity is probably one of the best albums ever to be released, or at least one of my very favorites.

And lucky all of you who live anywhere near Arizona! Go Big Casino (aka Jim) is actually playing a show!! It'll be at the The Grand Cayenne Music Festival on the 19th of November along with another one of my love, Spoon, and a load of other indie rock/femo bands. Also, Jim's doing a solo show for Myspace in L.A., but other bands playing include Dashboard Confessional and The All-American Rejects. I won't be wrong in assuming that you won't be interested?

Check it out and worship the ground we stand on!

After all the hype and excitement, We Are Scientists are finally releasing their debut album!!! Well, at least in the U.K. It's called With Love and Squalor and you can get it from HMV and Itunes. It even has three kittens on it!

If you haven't heard already, We Are Scientists are a really great indie rock/pop band that's been taking the bloggies by storm (althought Pitchfork appears not to be so in love). They're full of catchy hooks and beats and guitars and drums and possibly a bass. They remind me of a bit of Phantom Planet (you know, the bunch of guys who did the theme song for the O.C.?) and general goodness. They also have a really funny and well excuted website. Go look at it and go listen to some songs.

Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt (Stamp of great approval. Done)

Hard Fi-"Living For The Weekend"

Wow has it been a long week. All sorts of crazy things happened, and I'm so relieved it's Friday that I needed a song to express all my wild thoughts. Here's a condensed version of the band history/sound/song sound: fun British dance punk bursting with energy, catchiness and rocking guitars. Their latest, Stars of CCTV is also nominated for a Mercury Prize.

So that's that. And let's get to the interesting part, where I tell you all about the monumental lock down we had in school this afternoon, fiction story style.

It was half way through fourth period P.E. when the annocement came on and a voice stated that we had a lock down. Our teacher barely blinked an eye, told the students to close the doors and locked them. We kept on with our activities, and everyone thought it was just another drill. Then, when it got nearer towards the end of the period, and still the annocement didn't okay our leave, we began to get worried. Our teacher (call her Miss X) gathered us to the front of the room and explained what she knew. The lockdown was real. There was an attempted robbery some way up the hill and one of the robbers was shot, the other escaped. Police came on campus and secured the school. We had to stay inside the room until the principal cleared the call.

We sat around and chatted, with no real purpose. Sure, Miss X claimed that police were all over the place, but we probably only had to wait a few more minutes before everything cleared out and we could get the hell out. Of course, we had to wait much longer than that. The period ended and lunch should have started, but we stayed inside. We couldn't go to our lockers or even use the bathroom. Whines and complaints drifted from all corners of the room. We scattered out, some lying on mats, some sitting around in circles. We were hungry, we wanted our backpacks with all our cell phones and iPods and books and notebooks. We wanted to leave and go to lunch and chat with our friends. Time stretched into an everlasting thread.

Because we love random photos, and Sheep Dogs are the best. Period.

Whenever the annocement sounded, we felt hope and happiness surge through us. But it was just the principal announcing that the lockdown was still in effect, that teachers should check their emails. We became restless. My friends and I tried to play 20 questions in desperation. That lasted for a couple of rounds, and lost all its excitement. We slugged back to the mats and tried to get comfortable in our gym shorts and shirts. And then, voila! The back door opened...and in came four policemen with guns drawn and flashlights ready. We gave them the customary stare and watched their progress. They asked us whether we saw anyone coming in or not. Of course not! They went on their search.

One of the storage rooms was dark and I supposed they thought it a nice hiding place, although we were here the whole time and no one could have slipped in unnoticed. They did the whole flash light/gun drawn/back against the wall thing. It was good entertainment, but at the same time a part of me worried what would happen if the escapee did hide inside. Would they shoot? How loud would the gunshot be? How much blood would be shed? Of course, they came back out with everything intact. Next was a n area flooded with gigantic mats. It was dark inside, and there was probably enough space to hid a man (or two). A woman came in and climbed up, armed with her everlasting flashlight. The highlight of the whole experience came when she came out, sliding down one of the big tilted mats like it was a slide in a park. Exciting.

But the adventure was short lived. These cops left and one stayed at the back door with his booklet of whatever and his radio and his guns. He tried to make conversation. I guess we weren't the only ones bored to death. By that time fifth period had already passed. He told Miss X that it would be 45 minutes at least until we get out. Yeepee. The atmosphere cheered up immediately.

One of the students got the delicious inside scoop and filled us in. Apparently a high speed chase was involved, the man who was later shot dropped off his partner near our campus, and that's who the police searched for. We oohed and ahhhed and nodded and passed the info to our friends.

And finally, with twenty minutes to go before school ended, we got out. We had to stay on campus until 2:10, but we were free to eat and chat. Several versions of the story floated outside and it seemed everyone was stuck in their least favorite class. Ah, the beauty of the school system.

A news van parked outside our school and interviewed a random student. Police cars stayed in close proximity. Although it was a completely waste of time and effort, the policewoman sliding down the mat made everything all better.

And that's my story (and my sort-of excuse for posting late). You know you love it!

So my YSI failed completely. Now the smart thing to do would be to try again, and don't try to open other browsers at the same time, but I really don't feel like going through that again (and also I just took the PSAT so I think I have an excuse to take a break). So I'll take the easy way out...and that is to point you in the general direction of other people who don't have this problem.

Actually I'm just going to direct you to a blog you're probably already familiar with. You Ain't No Picasso is all the rage lately. Well, come on, the guy posts interview with the likes of Sufjan and The Boy Least Likely To. How can you not love it?

Oh, and get this. Marten, the awkward indie rock boy from the comic we all know and love is going to be a music blogger. And you can check out his blog about Modest Mouse being bastards and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah being weirded out by being hugged. I would feel weird if a cartoon character hugged me too! The blog just started and yesterday it had 75 comments. No kidding. I think Jef got a little freaked out and now the comments are gone. If you missed out, you missed out. Keep an eye on it for cool things in "teh" future.

You already read Fluxblog. So there you go. Make up posts tomorrow and/or more in the weekend. As long as my lame computer and the lame Internet choose to collaborate...

And here is a creepy looking dog thing because I haven't posted a pic in a while...

Time to test your obscurity in la la land knowledge. What singer/songwriter opens for Avril Lavigne, works with the likes of Simple Plan, and creates some of the most emotional, beautiful, and amazing pop music?

If you answered ____ sucks, you are incorrect. If you answered, I want to know, you are getting closer. If you answered Butch Walker, then bravo! I'm impressed. You gain 200 thousand scene points, and if you tell me, most likely you'll also gain the friendship of a blogger. We all know how much that's worth, right?

I will admit it right now. I am in love with Butch and his music. I am in love with the CD, Letters. My love is so strong that it could almost be called an obsession. Almost. Yes, he is a pretty white boy pop/rock musician and he sings about love and LA. But he's not just a pretty white boy pop/rock musician. Some would call him indie rock. Some would call him emo (and those people are terribly misguided). Either way, he's nothing short of a genius in the field of music (which can also be read as: POP)

I had to cheat to pick a song to post, since I love them all so so much. So I decided on one of the shortest tracks (less uploading time!) and one of the rocking-ist. It's called "Lights Out" and whaddaya know, it also serves as a nice transition from hipsters are not that cool week. He mentions "all these aging hipsters with another axe to grind/So put me on a battle field where hardcore goes on top" Hell yeah! Tell me if this doesn't sound like a great combination: snaps, distortion, piano and a guitar solo on top of deliciously singable lyrics. Everything about this song just screams rock out. Get it on, Butch!

My only problem, you don't get to hear the beautiful and gentle side of his work. But not to worry, look forward to more tracks in the future. Go buy his album if you can, because it's so so so worth it. And happy Monday to each and everyone. Oh and don't forget to visit his website! The design is gorgeous. And you get to read Q&A with the man himself. Can I get a hell yeah?

Posting three times a week definitely doesn't feel like it's enough. But this is because I'm currently obsessed with a couple of artists that you may not have heard and I really, really want you to hear them, as soon as possible. But at the same time I feel like I need to wait until more people is actually reading this before unveiling these amazing faces. So anyway, I'm going to blog a little more from now on, but don't expect a MP3 a day. Remember how I'm on a 56K connection? Yeah. It's terrible. But I must deal with it. Hopefully I'll get around to posting awesome sites on this wide and vast Internet again. Today I point you toward Post Secret, which is a really amazing blog thing in which people mail their darkest and most interesting secrets on a postcard, and Post Secret shares them for all to see. It really gives you all sorts of feelings inside. Check it out.

...Except "Instant Club Hit (You'll Dance To Anything)" by the witty and exciting and slamming Dead Milkmen which will probably conclude our poke fun at hipsters/art students/other assorted people week. So why is this one so great? For one thing you can totally dance to the first half of it, trash and scream and let it out for that nice little burst of noise interlude, and then go back to dancing to it till the end. And you'll get a chuckle out of the end. Oh yes. In fact, most of us will be chuckling during the verses, too. The Dead Milkmen has got killer rhyming skills and a killer beat. Plus, I love the female backing vocals echoing the singer's insanely cool speech/song. That isn't enough? There's also name dropping of danceble (well, semi danceble) and artsy bands (The Smiths, anyone? How about De-peche Mode?). I mentioned the cleverness of the lyrics, right? You guys know we love that. Possibly my favorite line: "Eighty pounds of make up on your art school skin, eighty points of IQ located within."

And now, a report on the happenins of next week. Will there be another theme? Possibly. Will there be ranting on subject no one cares about? Possibly. Will there be a mix of all the sexy music yours truly listens to? Possibly. Will there be MP3s you won't want to erase from your hard drive? Definitely.

Admit It!!!-Say Anything

This amazing song, by this amazing band, with these amazing lyrics, hits so on point it's scary. Post modernism? Check. Go analog? Check. Trendy New York underground fashion magazine? Check. Your car and your guitar? CHECK! Oh prototypical non conformists, this is the best slap to the face you'll ever receive. And you'll want to be slapped over and over again as you chuckle at the wittiness and truth blended in these amazingly rocking guitars and riffs and vocals. Oh hipster judges, time to realize that it's all BULLSHIT.

Woah. Woah. Woah. What do you have to say for yourself?

Did you notice what I did there? Say Anything are such great songwriters that I don't even have to come up with (much) original material. And in a world populated by Fall Out Boys, The Useds, and My Chemical Romances, it's terrible that such a great poppy yet weird punk/fake emo band gets so little attention. This won't be the last time you'll hear from them. Don't worry.

Did you also notice my make fun of indie kids spree this week? I just love these types of songs, but I'm not sure how many more good ones I can find. But don't worry. No matter what happens, no matter how clever the lyrics are (like that's going to happen...), I now swear to you that I will never recommend a Casualties song. Yes, I posted one once, but I warned you, didn't I?

Hugs, kisses and rocking out now with irony central.

What can I say about this amazing statement from the world's 579th-greatest rapper MC Frontalot? Well. It's nerdcore. This song is about indie. It has a bass line in it. It's entertaining to listen to and nod your head along to and maybe singalong to if no one's around. It's from this CD, and this CD is called Nerdcore Rising. Apparently you can also buy some trendy nerdcore glasses and Mr. MC Frontalot's real glasses. Hmmm.

Oh, I haven't actually posted the song yet, have I? Well, here you go. It's great. Go listen to it and appreciate the fact that he's indier than thou. Here's an idea of how great it is. The first line is...are you ready? Ready? Really? Okay. The first line is..."I'm so indie that my shirt don't fit." OMG ROFL!!!1

And now the post feels too short. I want to write blubber for this song but it's so self explainatory it hurts. Have I convinced you to check it out yet? DO IT. NOW.

Hey guys, we have a problem.

See this whole regular schedule one update every few days one song a day thing is getting really formulaic. And I hate that. This is a music blog, for god's sake, not homework! I should be able to post other things and make it more interesting. I mean, that would make it more fun on your part, too. I really like my old posts better than these caculated new ones. So I'm going to attempt to go back to my sarcastic but entertaining style and hope you don't mind and keep up the updates. Commentary is totally me. And I know you totally love it.

So since technically this is my day off, let's discuss my new found love for alternative fiction. Which is strange. I should have been into this stuff long before now, but I guess I was too busy finishing reading the complete Stephen King collection. I've still got a few books I need to read, actually, but I'm mostly on the reread cycle. So anyway, while I've been obsessing about monsters in the dark, there's all this world about monsters in reality. The weird, disturbing, terrifying. I'm talking Chuck Palahniuk, Bret Easton Ellis, Kurt Vonnegut. That sort of thing. Brillianttt. Also, despite my dislike for lame teenage novels, I picked up The Perks of Being a Wallflower the other week and I liked it. Crazy, I know. Have you checked out these authors? If you haven't, do it. You won't be disappointed.
Well, okay, you might be scarred for life. But that's cool. Because you'll have a lot of fun doing it.

Okay um. That's enough blobber for one day. I have work to do. Something about mixtapes and new songs and whatnot...expect funner things tomorrow (maybe) and Monday!


I like it when you talk to me
Listen, love, buy.
MP3s don't last forever.

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