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Everyone say hello to the cool kid over at Musings of An Indie Kid (and try not to scare him away, okay?)

Now you've heard of Googlism, but check out Google's new way of insulting/flattering you to no end. Google Fights gives you just as many laughs and some surprising results. Place your bets before clicking to see the winner in some of these life or death threatening activities:
MP3 Blogs Vs. RIAA
Indie Vs. Emo
Indie Vs. Punk
Vampires Vs. Zombies
Llamas Vs. Manatees
Me Vs. You

The iDog--slurping down your music since 2005

You have your iPod, your iRiver and your iRock, but now it's time to introduce another member to your iFamily. Check out the iDog, a cute little thing that plays your MP3s through his little speakers and dance to the beat of the music?! It's too bad that while he does have an attitude and personality, there's no room for those of us who aren't hardcore rockers, pimpin gangsters or raving dancers.

And of course, tomorrow's a CD release crazy date. You should definitely get the new Rogue Wave record, called Rogue Descended Like Vultures. I'm too lazy to list all the releases tomorrow, but of course Largehearted Boy has the cool list.

That's it for news Monday. More news about random happenings some other day...



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