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Loney, Dear-Saturday Waits

Swedish pop. Anticipation. Waiting. Longing. A sea breeze, a memory. Brushing and hinting. These sensations, tiny pleasures, light and quick pressures of action. You won't ever be tell, outright, but there's a suggestion, a whispered action for consideration, rising and rising and pushing, until it becomes a part of your mind. And suddenly, it's obvious, like the catchy rising waves of the song, the layers upon layers of eager anticipation and excitement, covering the nervousness and fear until it becomes a whirl of hopes and dreams and smiles and Saturday night waiting. Waiting to get over it then, finally.

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WinterKids-Tape It

What is this. What is this!

It sounds like gee-tars, the sort of pop-emo riffs and mini solos fitting for a My Chemical Romance song (but don't fear...it's indie). It sounds like vocals, like the Shout Out Louds, that sort of British nasally cutesy white rawker voice. It sounds like repeating verses and choruses and lyrics that include "she said we're just friends". It sounds like a bridge! A clapclap, snapsnap, poppop bridge. It sounds like a chorus that leaps into unsuspecting ears and minds, and stay there, hooked and raging for some recognition and some SINGING, damn it. It sounds like keyboards! A toy piano! It sounds absolutely irresistible. It sounds...like your new favorite brit pop band (and maybe all your old ones, too).

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Patrick Wolf-The Magic Position

I can't help it. This song is infectious, in every sense of the word. This prancing, stomping, clapping, dancing, song. This explosion! of happiness! of hope! of new! beginnings! This glammed out, rocked out, orchestrated, exaggerated, theatrical, powerful anthem to strut on the street with a grin and a wink. Spinning red and white melodies, and a chorus, oh, what a chorus, what a driven, listener singalong/clapalong/dancealong required, punches of melody stuck if your head, chorus! Because yes, finally, there is light, and dazzling explosions of brightness for the future...he's singing in the major key.

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Au Revoir Simone-Dark Halls

Some restless energy, some flickering, blinking drive, urging and insistent but not demanding. Just pushing, pushing with bouncing hooks and cute indie pop girls in indie pop voices. But oh, they are wise, they know. Know this, that, everything. They're only having an adventure, the three of them, the sort of adventure you'll always hear about. But maybe you're invited. Maybe with the frantic pace of the synths, the melody a sneaking thing, sneaking upon heads to bob like toys and smiles to break up unhappy faces. This joy! This dancing on black and white keys of a keyboard in silly flats and little shirts. Forests and dark halls and oh, it's a good, good adventure.

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