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Blue October-Into the Ocean

apparently this song and band is pretty popular...popular as in, people other than me, a handful of bloggers and hardcore indiepop kids have heard of them, as in they are played on the radio and people who listen to the radio would know who they are. Popular as in...I heard this song on one of those myspace celebrity like people's page and thought it was interesting, and then forgo the name of the artist/song and then heard it played in the bookstore where I work one time when the store was set to a poppopopop station and finally looked up the lyrics and found the song. Finally.

anyway. I'm not sure why, but I like this song a lot. Like listen to it on repeat a lot alot. The lyrics? Maybe? Wish I was more masculine...I want to swim away but don't know how? Maybe? Maybe it's that idea of..escape. Maybe it's just that, I haven't heard a good catchy pop song in a while. Not like powerpop Hey Hey You You pop but just, kind of scene kind of emo kind of alternative pop. The sort that suggests suicide for a love long gone and rain...into the ocean end it all.

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