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So my YSI failed completely. Now the smart thing to do would be to try again, and don't try to open other browsers at the same time, but I really don't feel like going through that again (and also I just took the PSAT so I think I have an excuse to take a break). So I'll take the easy way out...and that is to point you in the general direction of other people who don't have this problem.

Actually I'm just going to direct you to a blog you're probably already familiar with. You Ain't No Picasso is all the rage lately. Well, come on, the guy posts interview with the likes of Sufjan and The Boy Least Likely To. How can you not love it?

Oh, and get this. Marten, the awkward indie rock boy from the comic we all know and love is going to be a music blogger. And you can check out his blog about Modest Mouse being bastards and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah being weirded out by being hugged. I would feel weird if a cartoon character hugged me too! The blog just started and yesterday it had 75 comments. No kidding. I think Jef got a little freaked out and now the comments are gone. If you missed out, you missed out. Keep an eye on it for cool things in "teh" future.

You already read Fluxblog. So there you go. Make up posts tomorrow and/or more in the weekend. As long as my lame computer and the lame Internet choose to collaborate...

And here is a creepy looking dog thing because I haven't posted a pic in a while...



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