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Time to test your obscurity in la la land knowledge. What singer/songwriter opens for Avril Lavigne, works with the likes of Simple Plan, and creates some of the most emotional, beautiful, and amazing pop music?

If you answered ____ sucks, you are incorrect. If you answered, I want to know, you are getting closer. If you answered Butch Walker, then bravo! I'm impressed. You gain 200 thousand scene points, and if you tell me, most likely you'll also gain the friendship of a blogger. We all know how much that's worth, right?

I will admit it right now. I am in love with Butch and his music. I am in love with the CD, Letters. My love is so strong that it could almost be called an obsession. Almost. Yes, he is a pretty white boy pop/rock musician and he sings about love and LA. But he's not just a pretty white boy pop/rock musician. Some would call him indie rock. Some would call him emo (and those people are terribly misguided). Either way, he's nothing short of a genius in the field of music (which can also be read as: POP)

I had to cheat to pick a song to post, since I love them all so so much. So I decided on one of the shortest tracks (less uploading time!) and one of the rocking-ist. It's called "Lights Out" and whaddaya know, it also serves as a nice transition from hipsters are not that cool week. He mentions "all these aging hipsters with another axe to grind/So put me on a battle field where hardcore goes on top" Hell yeah! Tell me if this doesn't sound like a great combination: snaps, distortion, piano and a guitar solo on top of deliciously singable lyrics. Everything about this song just screams rock out. Get it on, Butch!

My only problem, you don't get to hear the beautiful and gentle side of his work. But not to worry, look forward to more tracks in the future. Go buy his album if you can, because it's so so so worth it. And happy Monday to each and everyone. Oh and don't forget to visit his website! The design is gorgeous. And you get to read Q&A with the man himself. Can I get a hell yeah?



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