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Go Big Casino-Power

It's been a while since I posted Jimmy Eat World related info/songs and now I figure it's time to bring it back. If you've been reading this blog any time in the past, you should know what I'm talking about.

So you know (and you should love!) Jimmy Eat World. You might know that the rock star singing and slamming on his guitar most of the time is Mr. Jim Adkins. But did you know that Jim once had a little side project called Go Big Casino? It's not very well known or publicized. Some might call it a secret. It does seem to be a fanboy/fangirl obsession. Go Big Casino came up with songs that you might have heard from Jimmy Eat World, namely "My Sundown", "Drugs or Me", and "Hear You Me". They have no real released records, although the Go Big Casino website (no direct affliation with Jim or anything like that) seems to offer seven of the ten tracks of a supposed demo released. Oooh, the mystery of it all!

Jim: I might use up your precious time but I don't touch nothing else. Oh wait...I meant...uhhhh. Go Big Casino doesn't exist!

You've probably guessed that Go Big Casino is really good and that I'm pretty much in love with them. You guess correctly. If you've heard any of the JEW songs mentioned above, you probably also have an idea of what they sound like...not exactly classic Jimmy. It lies a little more on the indie pop side of things, with organs and synths and bells and acoustic guitars. The melodies are delightful, as usual, and Jim's voice is a love to listen to. It feels even more intimate in a happy type of way than Clarity moments. And Clarity is probably one of the best albums ever to be released, or at least one of my very favorites.

And lucky all of you who live anywhere near Arizona! Go Big Casino (aka Jim) is actually playing a show!! It'll be at the The Grand Cayenne Music Festival on the 19th of November along with another one of my love, Spoon, and a load of other indie rock/femo bands. Also, Jim's doing a solo show for Myspace in L.A., but other bands playing include Dashboard Confessional and The All-American Rejects. I won't be wrong in assuming that you won't be interested?

Check it out and worship the ground we stand on!



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