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From some bizarre twist of fate, you've arrived at the Bubble Death pop music/book blog. This is a blog in which I post music (mp3s and commentary) and books (commentary). There are also a few features. Well, okay, only one that I can really think of that's a regular and semi-exciting: Video Wednesday. You can probably guess that it features music videos. And it's on Wednesdays. I'm hoping to get more features in the future--aren't we all?


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Here's a story about the blog.

It all began in the spring of 2005. When I, a young, eager, aspiring writer and aspiring music lover, still yet unaware of the beautiful world of mp3 blogging, was desperate for new music (or, at least, new music downloads) and stumbled upon The Crutch, which, aside from pages bursting with free and legal indie mp3s, also happened to link to a few mp3 blogs (they don't anymore but appeared to have started their own blog. Yay or nay? Your call.) I clicked around, read around, and got addicted. Then I figured, hey, I can write--I adore writing, but I need deadlines! I need readers! I need pressure in order to finish anything! And I can totally start my own music blog and get all that!

Yes, I had a couple of MP3s and a lot of ambition, signed up for blogger and realized just how easy it was to make things nice and bloggie looking. Of course, I had a totally stock template back then, nothing like the slightly personalized layout now, but I wrote words, and the words and the links clicked together, and everything looked better than anything I'd ever tried to create on the Internet before. So, this blog was born. I wasn't a very good, regular poster to start. If you dig through the archives, I kept going on loooong breaks and coming back and breaking off again...

Obviously, that was not a good habit. I'm pretty sure that had I kept my posting frequency (and quality) up all the time, my blog would be at a slightly better traffic than it is now. But, I'm not complaining. I think those breaks and returns helped this blog become more of what it is--you know, writing and love and all that cute stuff. I think regular readers (are you out there, somewhere?) know that I can get long winded on posts. But I mean, come on, I'm a fiction writer. See Fred's wonderful blog or Said the Gramophone for further examples of (much better) long, story like prose.

Where was I? Oh, yes. So I like the blog the way it is now. It's probably not the preferred format for some (most?) readers, but that's the way it is. And in fact, if anything, I'm hoping for longer and higher quality posts in the future! I always say that. And the more I post, the better (kinda?) it gets, right?

I lost my train of thought again. This also happen to happen a lot, so my posts sometimes can get off track. Speaking of off track--sometimes, very rarely, I'll also post linkage types, with interesting websites/blogs/finds of this wonderful interweb. These posts are usually non-music related, but my interests range all over the place and change on a really, often, basis, shall we say? I hope those are not too distracting. I like sharing these tidbits even thought they might be obvious to readers of non-mp3 type blogs (like...oh, I'll probably put up another sidebar section just for them!).

So I'm running out of things to say. I guess I'll write more should I be inspired by something important I've forgotten. All in all, though, I'm very glad I've had this blog and had the oppurtunity to hear these amazing new bands and chat with some very amazing people. And I'm very hopeful that none of that will be going away. YAY!

And as a side note, happy birthday to me, yeah? (I'm still really young by any standards. That's always a positive, right?) <3



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