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After all the hype and excitement, We Are Scientists are finally releasing their debut album!!! Well, at least in the U.K. It's called With Love and Squalor and you can get it from HMV and Itunes. It even has three kittens on it!

If you haven't heard already, We Are Scientists are a really great indie rock/pop band that's been taking the bloggies by storm (althought Pitchfork appears not to be so in love). They're full of catchy hooks and beats and guitars and drums and possibly a bass. They remind me of a bit of Phantom Planet (you know, the bunch of guys who did the theme song for the O.C.?) and general goodness. They also have a really funny and well excuted website. Go look at it and go listen to some songs.

Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt (Stamp of great approval. Done)



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