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Brand new-Sic Transit Gloria...Glory Fades (WMA)

Ah, Brand New. You New York pop punk-femo-screamo (almost) kids and your catchy songs. I'm not even sure if I'm supposed to like you, but I do. Perhaps it's the conviction in your voice and guitars and that little screamo bridge, perhaps it's the unusual stand point in this song, the boy who didn't want to have sex because he loved her too much, perhaps it's just that you perfect that angsty teenage feel without going overboard or into that mindless trendy state of Hawthorne Heights-ism, perhaps it's the lack of eyeliner and stupid haircuts...either way, this song is wonderfully done and this band is wonderfully talented. And, it's wonderfully suitable for wrapping up the year. Well, sort of, anyways.

The Postal Service-Nothing Better

Hey, here's a band that I bet you've NEVER heard of. The Postal Service, that one really good electro-indie-pop band stuffed with really good members from/in other assorted indie pop bands such as Death Cab for Cutie, DNTEL and Rilo Kiley. This band that released this one record, Give Up in 2003 and became really really popular.

This band that created this beautiful arrangement of keyboard and overlaying vocals, this song that perfects the post break-up mindsets of these heart broken lovers, this song that twinkles and sparkles in its glory, this song with that tiny, insistent beat and that crazy violin popping up now and then to balance bitter-sweet come back lyrics ("Don't you feed me lies about some idealistic future"), that begging of forgiveness and, oh, oh, that chick that no one ever likes and her determined "say good bye". Indeed.

I hope everyone had a good Christmas (if you celebrated it). Now that that's done, it's on to the new year. My resolutions: new layout, more posts, different topics, same wonderful music that you should all listen to.

I love you guys for coming and checking things out (and even more if you...oh I don't know...say...left a comment once in a while?) and everything. Suggestions, comments, last thoughts before something crazy happens? Anything you'd like to hear more of, anything you don't care about? Tell me and it shall be done. I'm limited only by this terrible dial-up connection and, uh, real life, I guess.

As always, thanks for reading. These last few days of the year there's never many good songs to post, but I'm sure if I dig hard enough there will be something...

I figure, by now, you've heard all the Christmas songs you could ever want, the good and the bad, the new and the old, so here's something a little different to keep you entertained.

Check out Grow Ornament, a really cute and sweet Christmas mini-Grow game from Eyemaze. If you've never played any of the Grow games, you've been missing out. The animations are adorable and work with one another for all sorts of funny events, and one triggers the next. All you have to do is figure out the order the ornaments, lights, ect. goes on the tree, and try to get everything to that level of perfection and recieve your (rather strange) reward. It's not as complicated as other games, but great for a little time off from the relatives.

Anyway, the fun is figuring it out for yourself, so try it out and enjoy.

Jimmy Eat World-Last Christmas

Well, it's almost Christmas. And it's funny how there's so many holiday themed songs out there that when it's actually time, I run out of choices. So I go back to this one, which you might have already heard and already loved or hated, because this is the one song that I listen to the most. The way Jimmy Eat World turns that single verse into a distinctive bridge, the roll of the acoustic guitars and the repeating chorus, as if convincing themselves the truth. This is, of course, one of the many, many covers of Last Christmas by Wham!, about thirty of which is posted over at Copy, Right?. Get your earful. Or not. Anyway, there has to be at least one that you like. If not, well...better luck next Christmas. :)

The Diggs-Trouble Every day

Empty, long corridors and boys with their brit pop hair and dirty Gibson guitars, soaked in the rain, with the feedback ringing, with a hint of melodrama, with a hint of angst and sorrow, and that flash of emo mixed with that 90's indie rock that we're all so familiar with. Then, that chorus, this mocking attempt at revenge, this faux anger, this faux I'm-so-over-you-I'm-okay-alone, this pressure of low key volume increase, this drumline squeezing up the tempo, and suddenly, it's gone. This flash of memories and that glance into emotions. Gone. And perhaps you're left feeling cheated, like it should have been some rock soap opera and the lead character walked off the set without another word. Without so much as a goodbye.

That's what I see from NYC boys The Diggs, they who are doing club shows and getting good reviews, their sound that nags at your memeories of those dusty, musty indie rock kids with awkward haircuts with that dreamy, spaced out My Bloody Valentine type layers of instrumentals. Those bursts of noise and explosions of vocals tipped off to an almost nonchalant attitude. At this point, my brain has gone through several time warps, and I have no idea.

Well, it's one of those hosting website eats up your file day, which means that it's entertaining places and things to see day.

Pitchfork has its top 50 singles of 05 up. Rather strange. Rather hard to comment on, really. I do know that Kelly Clarkson deserves that number four spot. I do know that the irony is so overwhelming it's almost scary. I do know that Robyn made it, like just before the top 20. How typical. Ah, well, they'll be up with the real deal, aka the indier than thou top 50 records list tomorrow. That'll be entertaining enough. Stick around, right?

Next up, the cool kid over at that one indie rock comic, you know, the one with the robot and that one indie rock kid, Questionable Content, has his end of the year list. Plenty of obscure, experimental stuff there, and I think I love his comments on Sufjan.

There's this radio station in San Diego, FM94/9, who's all "we're indie rock we play good music we're not Clear Channel" except that they are still, actually, commercial radio, and they have this one feature where they get random people to submit playlist and make them DJ for an hour. I was randomly looking through the playlist--guessing the band selections with the pictures, you know, when I came upon this.
The Boy Least Likely To? Neutral Milk Hotel? Belle & Sebastian? The Decemberists? That's really pretty amazing stuff to play on the radio. Anyway, I was a bit surprised. Didn't get to hear his block, but it's really rather scary to think about.

That's it for now. Let's hope tomorrow my internet won't hate me as much.

May Or May Not-Gotta Get Outta Here

May Or May Not is some indie pop/rock group with the sort of tight, catchy and summer/O.C. suitable songs we all love so much. Like, with repeating choruses of "my girl" and those classic layering riffs and twinkling melody bridges. There is even something about the clashing of that distinctive bell like tone with a beat to smile about. Totally not the sort of winter chilling melody lines you were expecting...but totally able to pull off that cheer up it's still sunny in California type feeling.

Bodies of Water-Here Comes My Hand

There's some sort of crazed psychedelic pop intensity in this and I can't describe all that well. Bodies of Water reminds me of...fireworks and lights in the sky and all sorts of twinkling and unexplainable and colorful pop images. From the first strike of guitars and vibrating choruses and "oh" and "hey's", it's a swirl of jiggly guitars and tempos stretched beyond hyper to a whole other level.

Bodies of Water-I Guess I'll Forget the Sound, I Guess, I Guess

Dreamy, fun, beautiful sort of 60's indie pop along with all the flowy guitars and horns and all sorts of cheerful melody lines and a darkened happiness. Oh, and confusion and indecisiveness...or maybe...

In some sort of order counting down...I present you the favorite (not best) albums of the bubble death of 05. Considering that I only got back/serious to blogging sometimes in September, I think this isn't too bad...

Stephen Malkmus-Face the Truth--Indie rock boy sweetheart jumps back to indie rock with a new, pop and energetic flavor for all sorts of post-Pavement fun.

Sufjan Stevens-Illinois-the acclaimed "new" Elliott Smith with his crazy banjo and weird instrumentals.

The New Pornographers-Twin Cinema--Rocking power pop times a hundred, on top of irrational lyrics and lots of Spanish Techno.

--catchy, fun, attitude, sexiness, and all that dancable joy is the star that is known as Robyn.

Broken Social Scene-Broken Social Scene-Atmospheric and textured, catchy and diverse. BFF BSS 4eva.

Death Cab for Cutie-Plans
-Look, really, no one cares if they're on a major label now, and that they're more pop oriented now. All I care about is how wonderful and delightful they still sound, and that's that.

The Decemberists-Picaresque
--Pirates and writers, strange sorts of creatures...acoustic guitars and indie pop goodness.

The Boy Least Likely To-The Best Party Ever
-Twee vocals and pretty guitars about lost innocence and children's drawings. (T)whee!

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah-Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
-Fun, dancable, clap your handsable, hipster passable...what else might you ask for?

Spoon-Gimme Fiction
-I stand by what I said about Spoon. Amazing, talented, simple and majestic and indie rock in all its glory.

Bright Eyes-Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

I'm not a big Oberst fan. Really, I'm not. This song, however, is a beautiful arrangement and the Bright Eyed up version of an old classic from his Christmas album. His voice, which tends to get distracting on his studio tracks, is perfect for this sort of piano fronted, pretty female backing vocals ballad. This might even be one of the better indie x-mas tracks out there, and among my favorites.

Speaking of X-mas tracks, there are many, many Christmas compliations from many, many cool MP3 blogs out there. If you haven't already, check out some notable and downloadable and really great ones from the likes of Gorilla Vs. Bear (which includes Feist!), Music For Kids Who Can't Read Good (which includes Jimmy Eat World!), and M3 Online (which includes original album art!)

If you're sitting and waiting patiently, look for the end of the year list (and maybe a few other surprises...) on Monday. Have fun.

Broken Social Scene-Major Label Debut

There is nothing not to love about this song, or, Broken Social Scene in general. Everything is perfect, the atmopheric and interlacing guitars and effects, the dreamy, distant and lost vocals, the explosion of instrumental bliss near the end of the song, that coated, slick sense of success blending with signature Broken Social Scene melody goodness...and the smooth, layered, textured surface of the song with those wandering, forever searching repeating words of "I'm all fucked hooked up". Who knew a few simple self evaluating terms could create such a beautiful and epic song?

Apologies for the late post. Blogger was down most of yesterday evening, and I spent about three hours at the doctor's, waiting for a visit that lasted less than five minutes about an allergy problem. Anyway, that's my excuse. Also, I was trying to put together my "best of 05" list and that takes a whole bunch of time. Even if it might be wasted effort, at least I have effort to waste.

Also, I feel like stepping away from this music thing for a while once I realized that it's getting rather similar and predictable, don't you think? (Don't worry, I'm not leaving or plan on stopping music posts) I just feel like switching gears for a bit and talking about the rest of the universe.

And by that, of course, I mean books. In the waiting room I managed to finish The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides. It wasn't a fun experience. I mean, it had started off sounding rather interesting, then, it died out. The sisters who kill themselves all sound the same, despite his obvious attempts at differentiating them. Moral lessons, lost innocence, and all. Blah, is all I can say. Maybe I'm just not deep enough to appreciate this sort of literature. I'm perfectly fine with my daily doses of Stephen King, thank you.

Speaking of Stephen King, apparently the Dark Tower Series will be turned into comic books with Marvel comics. That sounds insane for seven books increasing in length. Kind of like Harry Potter but with more blood and darker characters. I'm not sure how well the books can translate to graphic form, but the pictures of the content looks totally great.

Speaking of art, Kill Margot is the face/artist behind that cool header you see over at the tres cool Stereogum. She does wonderful and unique stuff that looks pretty damned awesomely hipster.

Speaking of hipster, I'm going to leave off on that note. Because it's getting rather late again and this post needs to be up, like, now. <3

The Jade Shader-Eraser

Things of note:
Jimmy Eat World show at the Glass House tonight to which I will not be going.

The Jade Shader is opening.

And they also happen to be from San Diego. I just realized how much I've been neglicting local music, and it's wrong, and I will improve.

This is a rather Static Prevails era Jimmy Eat World similar sounding indie rock with resemblance in their guitars and drumming to other pioneers such as Spoon.

That compressed and edged bridge is just far too perfect.

Considering that San Diego is over populated with scenexcore/pop punk/fake hardcore/fake emo/alternative/rock bands, it's rather refreshing to hear something different. Considering that I won't be seeing them along with Jimmy Eat World, I have rather ran out of more descriptive critisms.

But, hey, blame the scalpers (although even the scalpers can't sell Ebay the day of the show, can they?)


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