POP your heart out.

Time. Schedules. A month (or two). I miss this.

Of Montreal-Heimdalsgate Like A Promethean Curse (acoustic)

I'm in a crisis
Come on mood shift shift back to good again
Come on mood shift shift back to good again
Come on be a friend

Come on chemicals
Come on chemical-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-ohs

A song so catchy dancey happy you skip right over that underlying sadness, the confusion and addiction. Hate it but love it. Can't live without it. The synths and sparkles in the original, a big flashy explosion of madness. And then, there's this. Stripped down to its core melody with only an acoustic guitar, Kevin Barnes (despite all his theatrics and cockiness) sounds unsure, and scared, and his relationship with chemicals, one that he can't seem to change.

A band so catchy dancey happy you listen to it all the time. A band you see live again (January 30 this year even if it's a day before finals) in their costume changes and big overhead projector and glittery make up. A band that writes pop lyrics that are perhaps underrated, perhaps hidden beneath their brilliant melodies that is an addiction of repeat, replay, repeat. An album that is sure to be one of my favorite of the year, if not the favorite. Already. And not enough.


I like it when you talk to me
Listen, love, buy.
MP3s don't last forever.

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