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Yeah, Hipsters, I'm Looking at You!

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Admit It!!!-Say Anything

This amazing song, by this amazing band, with these amazing lyrics, hits so on point it's scary. Post modernism? Check. Go analog? Check. Trendy New York underground fashion magazine? Check. Your car and your guitar? CHECK! Oh prototypical non conformists, this is the best slap to the face you'll ever receive. And you'll want to be slapped over and over again as you chuckle at the wittiness and truth blended in these amazingly rocking guitars and riffs and vocals. Oh hipster judges, time to realize that it's all BULLSHIT.

Woah. Woah. Woah. What do you have to say for yourself?

Did you notice what I did there? Say Anything are such great songwriters that I don't even have to come up with (much) original material. And in a world populated by Fall Out Boys, The Useds, and My Chemical Romances, it's terrible that such a great poppy yet weird punk/fake emo band gets so little attention. This won't be the last time you'll hear from them. Don't worry.

Did you also notice my make fun of indie kids spree this week? I just love these types of songs, but I'm not sure how many more good ones I can find. But don't worry. No matter what happens, no matter how clever the lyrics are (like that's going to happen...), I now swear to you that I will never recommend a Casualties song. Yes, I posted one once, but I warned you, didn't I?

Hugs, kisses and rocking out now with irony central.



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