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Villa Incognito-Tom Robbins

So, apprently I make it a point to enjoy books that other consider "not their best work" types and not aprpeciate usually appreciated "masterpieces." Nevertheless, I loved this book. Mostly because of the words, the language is just so brilliant. I've never read another writer who could spin such similes and metaphors, playing with words and language like silly putty to the best of his advantage. Although, the second half of the book did slide downhill ab it from the first half, and yes, the ending was a bit weak, but Robbins' writing really makes up for all of that and more.

Mates of State @ Epicentre, San Diego--11/25/06

First band-expected vaguely pleasant indie pop.

Asobi Seksu-Raw and lovely and awesome. Much noise, much fuzzy guitars, much energy. Much long last song that probably overdid it--mostly because of the crwod. the crowd at the Epicentre is usually not the best. Lacking in enthusiasm because of the noise, I'd imagine, and lacking in energy to move for fear of spoiling their precious hair and Abercrombie faux-hipster outfits, I'd imagine.

Mates of State-Happiness, love, indie pop, cuteness, etc.

But not like that, not really. Something here. Something beyond the dancey indie pop, something beyond the sweet romantic couple odes one might have imagined, something with a perky edge. Something loud and catchy and--I don't know. All of that, but something different. Because it's not as romantic or super twee as one might have imagined. But it is good. Good is positive. Good is singing along. And loving it.

The Cardigans-Don't Blame Your Daughter (Diamonds) (acoustic)

I know this is from a while ago (like a week?), and I know this was posted on Stereogum, and it's probably not new and rare anymore. But it doesn't really matter, because I've been listening to it a lot, over and over again. Because it's just that good, because, when stripped to the core, when it's just Nina's voice and a single, beckoning, acoustic guitar, when the story is so true and mesmerizing, so that hearing it over and over again only makes it better, when an already great song becomes something so simple and yet brilliant, it's worth posting. Really.

Envelopes-Isabelle and Leonard

I like catchy songs. I like songs that are all shades of fun and dancability. I like unique songs and rarely heard instruments. I like indie pop a whole lot. And I like bands that draw a lot of different influences and can manage to sound different yet not mindless scattered. I like guitars and drums and noise and quiet and all sorts of things. And I really, really like this song for some of those reasons. But also because it's joyful and fun and carefree an a rainbow or anything with tapping sounds and fun.

Watch: I'm From Barcelona-Collection of Stamps (YouTube'd)

What could I possibly say that could make this appear better than it is? I mean, sure, there was the first video, so filled with joycore pure and carefree happiness and general sensations of amazing, heartness, and large groups of people being ridiculously fun and in union. Then there's this. "We're From Barcelona" is an anthem, and this is a classic. So much...jittery, dancey, popable, feel as spetacular as possible on any given occassion, filled with energy and life and happiness as it should be! Exclaimation marks and hugs! And fooling around with such fun abandon!

(thanks, as always, to Antville for the high(er) resolution video and great screencaps!)

The Good Life-Album of the Year

Some songs tell stories. I don't mean pirates and princes, adventures in another land or a moment in history the Decemberists style, or even the shy, quiet stories peeking over trembling twee indie pop melodies, but full on stories with lyrics and emotions, and ups and downs, and a real plot and real characters, but more importantly accentuated with adjectives and nouns and verbs molded into instruments, lowering and raising of the volume and pitch, the accompanying acoustic strings, the full on colliding impact of everything.

Some songs are classics. And this is a classic, and this is a good classic, a classic worth listening to now and then and reliving the story. For broken hearts and memories, but detached enough, first person narrative in third person, fun enough, to listen to even when those sentiments aren't felt.

Some songs are worth hearing all the way through. And this one, especially is worth it, partly because this ending is an explosion, a climax and ending fitting for a drama and excitement. Because everything builds up, haven't you heard? Some stories do that. And some songs do that, and this is one of them.

Asobi Seksu-Strawberries

Yay, sparks and the dreaded shoe-gaze. Except it's not really shoe-gaze when it's as pop and dizzy spinning as this one. It's fittingly obscure and in a different language, for when you've written so much you're sick of writing on the second day. Even more fitting for...whatever. Thursdays. Words. Fireworks of music. Go listen.


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