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Artsy hipsters, your revenge is he(a)re

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If you like indie pop, you should already know and love Of Montreal. That's like a given, for realz. If you like indie or pop, the same apply. In fact, I think if you like music, you should love this band. First, they have super hot artsy whimsical colored illustrations to go along with their sparkling happy music (not quite twee yet but gliding on the boarder wouldn't be too much to say), and also their sparkling happy music is just really fantastic.

What's even better is when an indie pop hipster band start making fun of art snobs, via "Art Snob Solutions" from the bonus EP from their latest record, The Sunlandic Twins. Wow that was a handful to type at once. Anyway, I adore this song to shreds. You might even sing along to it while cruising down the highway to taht new art museum opening with your ultra cool friends. The vocals, the bells, the sprinkles of guitars and that padded chorus and that ultra clever lyrics! It's like a vortex of pop and indie goodness that never ends. Even better if you're an artist or a director or a writer. Irony=cool, right?

If you're super knowledgable, you might even see how many names you recognize and nod in satisfaction. I didn't know any. But hey, what do I know? I'm just another blogger in the sea of a million. Wow. Putting it like that really makes me a bit depressed...but hey listening to Of Montreal will cheer me up!!!!!

So that header thing. Yeah. I'm trying to come up with something that fit with the general color scheme of the blog but also has a bit of gore. Because I love gore like I love ironic indie pop ballads. I'm not sure how that'll work without it looking really lame. Bleh. I guess I couldn't change things around again...but too much work...and I'm lazy and tired...and somehow I'll figure it out. Maybe I'll even leave it like this. You never know. Right?



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