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I wish, I wish upon a bone that twee prevails once again!

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So let's talk about twee, and let's refrain from mentioning too much Belle & Sebastian, at least for now. Is that possible? You marvel. Well, actually, it is. In fact, it's already been done, and on here, no less.

But let's talk about another band today, let's talk about the squeezable Architecture In Helsinki and some of their new material (hey look, there is a bright side for being away for three month! Anything within that three month can be considered new!!). Actually, let's talk about this one song, this special two minutes and twenty six seconds that blows your mind to the point where it's lalalaing and skipping and glowing with all its might. Let's talk about this object and this symbol and this thing, this one "Wishbone" that makes the world a slightly better place.

There's all the usual bells and whistles and piano and violin, of course. There's the usual child like high like vocals dripping with esctatic flavor. There's the usual chorus catchier than thou. But what pulls the whole thing together, what sets it apart from every other song on the album, what blows your head has to be that two lines. Simple yet terrifying in its greatness. "Should we make believe you remember me/From a holiday delayed by a storm?" Delivered with a punch, with a sarcastic edge, with hope and brightness and conviction that romance and love exists and that listening to this band will bring you one step closer.

I figure that at this point I shouldn't even bother mentioning the artwork and their website. But I'm going to anyways because it has skulls and tree branch shadows that remind me a lot of Death Cab. And not in a bad way. And skulls are hot. And...and...well, just go see for yourself. And if you're lucky enough to have them play in a city near you, even better. Did I mention that you should buy the new (sort of) album yet?



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