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The Bubble Death gets a makeover!

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Well, sort of. Since I now have the wonderful Photoshop, I'll try to get a customized header up soon. I figured since this is like a new start, I might as well go with a new look. It'll be tweaked and changed around a little more, but I like the new color scheme.

Major mistake in yesterday's post, in my unclear state of mind: The Boy Least Likely To are in fact from Sweden and not the UK. I think it was their website name that screwed me up, also I was a little too excited/nervous. Ignore the Coldplay/U2 comment. Now that I think of it, I'm not even sure if either of those bands are from the UK. Oh well. Sorry for the confusion!

And since today's an unofficial post...everyone's heard about the new iPod Nano, right? I went to the Apple store a few days ago just to see how small it really is. It's kind of like a wider Shuffle, but does it look super hot in black with a color screen? Yes, yes I believe it does.

And since I've been really obsessed with webcomics lately...I strongly urge you to check out some music related ones, one about punk rock-Nothing Nice To Say, one about indie rock, romance and robots-Questionable Content, and one just about robots and romance, which also happens to have the indie rockest shirts ever-the infamous Diesel Sweeties. They're all pretty amazing. And very entertaining.

Signing off to work on my new header...and hoping that you like it!



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