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The Public Transports Needs Some Work

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You know, the Violent Femmes are an really underrated band. I don't mean that they're obscure or anything like that. Almost everyone in college/high school has heard "Blister In the Sun" and probably loved it. Teen angst at its best, right? But really, aside from their first album, and maybe their best of album, their other CDs are pretty much ignored except for the super music nerds/fans. And I mean, I'm one of those people, who heard one song on the radio and loved it, brought the best of, listened to it whenever I felt angry, and made life better. I just hate it that some think of them as a one hit wonder (and also when the sacred Pitchfork forgets their existence).

Their songs vary. A lot, if you dig deep into their discography. A good number of them deal with teen realated problems, relationships, and other wonderous subjects, and then there are the religious songs, "Country Death Song" (disturbing yet brilliant), and the weird and offbeat. How many other bands has been around this long, and still claim the status of having "their first album...being the only album in the history of Billboard magazine to achieve platinum status without ever appearing in the top 200"? Yeah.

So in case you used to love this band and forgot them, or never thought of them past their one song, or are a die-hard fan and love to read about them, here is a post for you. And for them.

"Waitin' For The Bus" is one of their most clever jingles. Okay, jingle wouldn't exactly be the right word, but it is great to sing along to if you happen to be riding on the bus. Especially great if you're sitting near the front with your beat up acoustic guitar and duct tape wallet containing 60 cents exactly, and your trendy white headphones contradicting your poor musician disguise. Especially great if you're riding in any sort of public transportation. Especially great if you're sitting in your room being bored. No, really. You could be wondering what the hell you call this type of music anyways. Punk? But it's got acoustic guitars! Folk punk? But it sounds far from Against Me! Indie pop? But...but that voice, that distinctive drawl and whine cannot belong to anything resembling Belle & Sebastian.

A better idea would be, of course, to give up be silent. Sit still. Enjoy the simplicity of it. Feel it tingling through your body like some sort of unharmful drug, which it is, in a way. And, once it stopped, with the last tingle of a steel string, sigh, sit back, and repeat.



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