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Monsters, bring me back from the dead!

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Okay. Excuses, rants, schedules, and other blogging related stuff that you probably don't care about will be right after the monsters.

The "Monsters" from The Boy Least Likely To, that is. Ah, The Boy Least Likely To. Yeah, they're from the U.K., but trust me on this, I mean, really, they sound nothing like...say...Coldplay or U2. They may be charming and they may be adorable, but they're definitely not generic. Or boring.

Innocent, sweet, and beneath that candy cane layer, the darkness of adulthood, the discovery of pain, and lots and lots and lots of gorgeous pop hooks under unlikely instruments (did you see what I just did there? Oh...boy...), that's a much better way to describe these child-at-hearts. To make things even better, they've got super cute children illustration like characters to match. You can even print them out and create your own The Boy Least Likely To scene. Or a T-Shirt, because after you hear them, it'll be damn near impossible not to like them.

This song, especially, caught my attention the minute it came on. Whether it's the child-like beats claps and that rhythm, the catchyness and the witty lyrics, or the "little lights like fairy lights, blinking in the dark", everything about it warped together to create the perfect summary for The Boy Least Likely To and their sound.


[TALK]Oh wow. I really decided to come back after this long. The thing is, I'm not sure if I can keep consistent and post everyday (or, you know, Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays is the tentative schedule I'm hoping for), but if I don't come back and give it a try now I'll never know what great things I could have done. So I'm going to try again, even if I already lost the small audience I had, in hopes that this will at least keep me writing. I really do love writing, and I really do love music, and I really do love introducing people to new music. But I'm also doing this for myself, because I want to make a career out of writing, whether it's fiction or reviews or whatever. So here I am, once again, and if I fail this time, I guess I fail for good.

Now this is the part where I try to make excuses. Yes, the Internet broke for a while. Yes, school started so I got swept away with the excitement. Yes, now I have to keep up with a load of homework and tests. But I don't think any of it matters, because I know that as long as I really tried, I could have kept this going. I do apologize. And I do hope you forgive me, if any of you still happen to be reading.

And I suppose that's a long enough post for one day. One thing I know for sure, no other post is probably going to be this long. This is just me getting all the writing I haven't done out into the open. Expect a new post sometimes soon, if I can stick with the M/W/F then that'll be fantastic.

Meanwhile, you should put "Monsters" on repeat and memorize the song. Because yes, it's that good. And of course go ahead and buy the Best Party Ever or one of the singles from here.



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