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Realize that it is the second to last week of school before summer and my concentration has blew up and disappeared. I apologize...but I plan to refresh the blog for summer anyways, perhaps a little redecorating around the block, a little clean up, definitely regular posting, more bits and pieces of fun things...

For now, here is a much delayed post on a band that should have been posted about much earlier...? Now usually the origin of a band doesn't really matter to me (unless it's San Diego), but there's this thing with Brit bands...whether it's Brit pop via Blur and The Verse or New Wavers or punk rockers, there's something about them that somehow all sounds the same, not neccessarily great or terrible but similar, and something about them that stands out. I don't know how they do it...but here's one Brit band following the path of Coldplay and U2. Although I have to admit that Coldplay and U2 are not exactly up my alley, and I don't even feel slightly excited about Coldplay's new CD (X&Y out in stores now, ect ect.), something about Majorie Fair seems slightly different. Could there actually be a hint of pop goodness along its roaring choruses? Might the background stringy, high guitar sounds actually be worth listening to? I can't answer for you, but for myself, I'll just listen to "Waves" one more time, and ponder away...
Download: Majorie Fair-Waves

Now you know there's a lot of great new music out right now, just this past few weeks during which time I couldn't find time to update. Gorillaz, Stephen Malkmus, Sleater-Kinney, White Stripes (although I don't find myself enjoying their music very much, I realize they have many excited fans), not to mention the number of hot feature releases. I'm so excited about the new Foo Fighters, after stealing a listen from my local radio stations as well as (cough)the Internet, I can't wait to grab a copy of the CD for myself. It is of course, out next Tuesday, although I could never figure out what the point of releasing every CD on a Tuesday...

Among some of the new music out, I've already posted about perhaps many of them, but one thing I've nearly forgotten about was the new Belle & Sebastian. Their latest isn't so much a new release as a compilation...but who brought all those EPs, right? The double disk album contain some heartwarming and depressing pop ballads, and it is great. Listen to the indie pop wonderfulness of this song and hurry to the record shop to pick up the disk...s...if you haven't already.
Download:Belle & Sebastian-Take Your Carriage Clock and Shove It (them indie titles, huh?)



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