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A Celebration of Pop

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I thought I'd celebrate with a bunch of no nonsense, possibly guilty pleasure, pop songs. Starting with a delightful power pop band (perhaps you've heard of them...and no, it's not Weezer, although there will be Weezer to come) called the Fountains of Wayne. Perhaps you even remember them from a few years ago, with their hits "Stacy's Mom" and "Mexican Wine". Pleasant, happy sort of fellas. I think it's time to revisit them. Just look at the type of pop we get today...The Killers, The Bravery, The Used, "Beverly Hills", "Boulevard of Broken Dreams"...a cool, refreshing drink from the Fountains of Wayne is necessary. Now this song is one of my favorites, period, and I think a large part of it is because it was played on Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital series (and Stephen King is of course my favorite author, my literary cult icon, so to speak), and part of it is just because it's such an awesome pop song. However you want to see it. The lyrics are clever and lighthearted ("Will you stop pretending I’ve never been born/Now I look a little more like that guy from korn) Perfect for getting near summer. Beside this song, everything else by the Fountains of Wayne is wonderful, so if you're into powerpop or want a cheery/energetic CD after listening to your Elliott Smith collection for the eighteen hundredth time, pick up all their albums. This song is off their sophomore release, Utopia Parkway
Download: Fountains of Wayne-Red Dragon Tattoo ***Sorry for the dead link before...for some reason my computer refused to copy/paste it...anyway, here it is***

Speaking of Weezer...well, actually, I'm not going to speak about Weezer, since every other music blog already talks about them and their new CD, and you probably already heard the album and either decided to hate it...or whatever. So I'll post Weezer as we used to know them, a great classic from the blue album (if you really wanted to read about/discuss Weezer, might as well discuss the one review I agree most with over at Fluxblog)
Download:Weezer-Buddy Holly

(This post was actually supposed to be up yesterday, but my internet failed on me, so apologies for the delay.



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