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Gwen Stefani = Weezer?

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While surfing the channels yesterday, I came upon the video for Weezer's new single, "Beverly Hills". While puzzling over how Weezer could have so easily thrown away their skills for cheap pop, I also couldn't help singing along. Afterwards, I felt guilty and put on the Blue album to redeem myself, afterwards I went back to the TV and what do you know, it's Gwen Stefani twisting to "Hollaback Girl" with her Harijuku girls and the high school marching band. This song was just as catchy as Weezer, and I had to sit down to watch when I began noticing some things. First, I guess Gwen still doesn't want to throw away her ska background completely, so there are trumpets. Really, really big ones. They kind of remind me of the monkeys in the Weezer video. I don't know. Then I notice how similar the beat to both songs were. Change some lyrics and replace the trumpets with guitars, then you have the Weezer song. Vice versa, and you have Gwen Stefani. This was strange, and a bit sad. I also noticed the part about the bananas...I know it's unlikely, but could this possibly be a Andy Warhol reference? There's a sideways banana on one of the dancer's uniform that looked just like the Velvet Underground & Nico's cover banana, except sideways. Strange happenings.

This shit is bananas, b-a-n-a-n...Andy Warhol?

In other news, Xiu Xiu is kicking off a North American tour, but how do they play live? What's consider a good performance and what isn't, when their music sounds like a clash of random loud electronica noises matched with whispered vocals and then flat out shriekings? I know, I'm probably just not artsy enough to "get" it, but can someone who gets it please tell me how this works?

In other, other news, I finished reading Watership Down a few days ago and I'm still considering. Actually, I finished rereading it, and the book's just as good as the first time, a couple of years ago. I never figured I could care so much about rabbits, but there's a lot of things I never figured I could care so much about, yet here I am. Now I'm looking at all rabbits nibbling on the grass at night with a new light, but it seems unlikely that the Watership Down rabbits would ever live so close to humans with their cars and white sticks in their mouth.

No mp3s for the moment, but tonight or tomorrow morning I'll get in a nice, random mix, inspired by the cool kids over at Something I Learned Today.



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