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Blood, Music, And a Whole Lot of Writing

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That's right, thanks to my infamous and horrible lagging/procrastinating/slacking off, I now have a million things I need to write and no time. There's about four contests I want to enter, three places I want to submit, and count with me here, how many stories? Zero. None. Nada. At least, none finished, but hey, I've got at least twenty story beginnings so it shouldn't be a problem, right...? Actually, not right. I'm physically incapable of finishing anything I've started eariler unless I force myself, and the finished product ends up horrible. So that means I'll have to spent more time doing the writing I'm supposed to be doing, the horror type, rather than entertaining myself here. But who can write without some fitting music? Yup. It's time for the dark and distrubing, the heavy and sorrowful, the strange and shocking. In other words, all the things that'll put a smile on a horror writer's face.

Pictures like this and movies like Saw gives me such a fuzzy feeling inside.

Now Nine Inch Nails is pretty much the industrial/goth band the alternative world is willing to accept and embrace, and despite the lacking power of their new material, we all remember the hardcoreness of Pretty Hate Machine. What better band to start off a writing spree? We also probably all remember the dark, shimmering jewel that is "Head Like a Hole". So here it is. In all its glory.
Download: Nine Inch Nails-Head Like a Hole

I realize that Elliott Smith is not exactly the heavy, gore filled type, but his masterpieces are dark and sorrowful enough even with the catchy hoods and the melodies. And his great voice, of course, somehow inspires me to kill off characters I learned to love and appreciate...especially this song, perhpas just because it features the word "bled" in it. Perhpas because it's such a wonderful song. We shall see...when the finish work is done and hopefully published.
Download: Elliott Smith-Bled White (Live at Cambridge)

Did I say earlier that Nine Inch Nails was the industrial band for the alternative community? If that's true, then maybe Placebo is the gothic, somehow grungy band. I love the haunting lyrics and imagery of this song. In fact, the whole CD, Sleeping With the Ghost is pretty suited for the skippy, mysterious type horror, but not the best for splatterpunk...
Download:Placebo-English Summer Rain



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