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An (almost) indie mix...mix number 2!

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So here is the second mix…got some great artists on here. You may have noticed that I overwrote a bit, but I guess it’s better than underwriting. It’s also now 10 track rather than six, so more to enjoy and more to read. Your feedback is always much appreciated and will be used to improve further downloads.

Download: Bubble Death Mix 2


King of Carrot Flowers, Pts. 2-3 - Neutral Milk Hotel
Ah, Neutral Milk Hotel, the most accomplished band in the indie circle of the Elephant 6, from their legend album, In the Aeroplane Over the Sea, this is track two, a continuation of “King of Carrot Flowers Part 1”, which is more instrumental. From bursts of electronic noise to horns and acoustic guitars to what sounds like heavy metal riffs with [VOCALISTS] strange voice, it’s all part of the charm. And the random, seemingly unconnected lyrics and song names? It’s just one of the many things that make them one of the coolest indie rockers around.

This Book Is a Movie-Spoon
Another indie bunch. Spoon, however, is a bit more collected. Their songs actually have something like a structure to it, and you can almost call this song “rock” from the distorted guitars, reasonable drumming and practically catchy pop hooks. I mean, this is a song you can tap your foot to. This is a song you wouldn’t be scared of blasting in your car while cruising down the freeway…maybe. The bells and effects still add the touch of melodramatic experimentalness, and this is a completely instrumental song, so don’t be expecting super easy access. This track is off their relative masterpiece, Girls Can Tell.

Butcher the Song-Cursive
Three indie rockers in a row? Uh oh. What happened to my varied music taste? I guess Cursive can almost be consider the punkers of the group, compared with their companions above (or before?). This is still wild music, though. Strings, guitars that sound like someone’s slaughtering someone else (butcher song…duh!), bursts of screams followed by regular singing…and this track is from another highly praised album too! This is, of course, off The Ugly Organ, every Saddle Creek fan’s wet dream.

Criminal Piece-Ted Leo & The Pharmacists
It’s Ted Leo and The Pharmacists coming to save the mix! Here is a song with verses and chorus clearly distinguished, a vocalist who doesn’t sound crazed, a few catchy lines and possibly lots of pop potential. Well, Ted Leo’s always been the black sheep…I mean, this guy did a cover of a Kelly Clarkson song! The song is from the 2004 release, Shake the Sheets.

Rose Parade-Elliott Smith
Another indie singer/songwriting. Elliott Smith is dark and moody whereas Ted Leo is glamour and charm. A nice break from the previous loudness, Elliott Smith employs the acoustic guitar and master it with the melodic and pretty sounding arpeggios and easy rhythms. “Won’t you follow me down to the rose parade?” From Either-Or

Helicopter-Bloc Party
Bloc Party is one of those hyped NBT bands that might be justified of the praise. They provide dance type music with dance type vocals. In fact, the lead singer sounds a lot like the guy from Ima Robot. In fact, they sound a lot like the guys from Ima Robot…am I playing the wrong song? But their dance music doesn’t exactly inspire me to dance. I’m bobbing my head to the guitar solo at the moment, and the melody is pretty catchy, but they haven’t mastered the get up and dance factor. Perhaps the NBT needs a little time to become…well, the actual NBT. Off their latest album, Silent Alarms.

Ring of Fire-Social Distortion
Finally, variety! Punk rock is such a great way to break up a mix previously consisting of pure indie/alternative artists. Social Distortion is one of my favorite punk rock groups, a classic that I can listen to over and over again without getting a headache (try listening to the newer street punk for longer than ten minutes and good luck with that). Actually, Social D is more rock than punk, but Mike Ness still brings the edge with his songs of politics, society, and his sleazy sounding voice. “Ring of Fire” is from their self titled album, Social Distortion.

…And we end this journey into music with Weezer. It is, in fact, one of their softer, artistic, acoustical, emotional songs off the much acclaimedPinkerton. It is the perfect ending. Cuomos singing out his heart in a rare ballad and gentle strumming that I need to turn up the volume to enjoy. What a difference. What a wonder. What a satisfaction.

In the future I might even actually try to make a mix rather than cheating with random, but don’t count on it too much. Oh well. Who even read this far, anyway?



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