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The bubble death mix number one!

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It's completely random, the first six songs that came up on Shuffle, so don't expect smooth transactions from song to song...it is, however, in one zip archive, which you should know how to use already, and if you don't, email me and I'll help you out.

The playlist:
1. Commando-The Ramones (Buy Ramones Mania)
2. A Gentleman Caller-Cursive (Buy The Ugly Organ)
3. You Know What You Are-Nine Inch Nails (Buy With Teeth)
4. Total Trash-Sonic Youth (Buy Daydream Nation)
5. A Spoonful Weights a Ton-The Flaming Lips (Buy The Soft Bulletin )
6. Already Dead-Beck (Buy Sea Change )

Download: The Bubble Death Mix 1



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