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It's the attack of rawk, the major record labels' solution for the next trendy genre, for the rich, white teens who no longer want to be gansta and still needs food for their pop needs. Does this pop needs to be any good? No, of course not. It just need to feature hawt guys with guitars...because we all know how irresitable rock stars are, especially rock stars in girl pants, eyeliner, tight shirts, and black glossy bangs over their faces.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, whatever MTV/TRL/Fuse came up with, rap, hip hop, R&B, nu-metal, garage revival, you braced for and took in with a grimace. But did you ever expect that this genre of music, this genre that can't really be considered a genre, this wrist siltting, eye blackening wave of depression could take over the airwaves and convert half the teenage population into zombies bearing and disgracing the term that was previously used to describe an offshot of punk, a type of music so powerful and chaotic that it was a near unknown genre? Oh, what will they come up with next?

That's right, it's the attack of femo, and whether you like it or not, it's quickly taking over. And guess what's the best part? Now preppy kids can feel their new, improved, cool music taste because they buy CDs on indie labels now. Hell yeah! Victory, Vagrant, Drive-Thru, it's the attack of the preppys gone dark! Embrace bands like The Used, My Chemical Romance, Hawthorne Heights, call 'em emo, call them punk, for all you care! Go to the Taste of Chaos and become scene like scene kids can never do! Just...don't tell them about real emo...or sent them all fluttering away, scared out of their wits, unable to face real music.

You know, people like me felt so much better when pop culture embraced pop and admitted it...and what's worse, despite knowing the suckness of such new femo bands, I can't help but like it. It's pop with guitars and "emotional" lyrics, sung by waves and waves of bands cloning each other. This is unoriginal and repetative...but let's face it, any music genre belongs in that category. (See this article for more info).

So, in case you haven't had enough from the radio and TV yet, here's more songs from the genre known as Fake Emo...beware, for your ears might start bleeding from the horror of it all. But don't worry, just put on your newest femo shirt and wipe some of that blood right on there...that'll beat the preppys at their own game!

Ohio Is For Lovers-Hawthorne Heights
Cute Without the "E"-Taking Back Sunday

how to dress emo
Not as good as how to dress emo but you might as well visit....The Insta Emo Kit
And finally, How Emo Are You?

Disclaimer: The Bubble Death do not recommend these songs and websites for person of a normal state of mind and will not be accounted for damage of any sort resulting from said links.



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