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Monday...bloody Monday

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Mondays are generally a disliked day, especially after a fun weekend, it's horrible to realize that you still have another whole week to go through. There's a couple things I should be commenting on today...most of which I'm not going to. Star Wars, every other blog in the universe has got it covered, and I'm not a great movie critic by any standards, but I did see it on Sunday, and I liked it, so let's leave it at that. Street Scene is a whole different matter. I know, it's just a little early, but the official lineup was released today...and guess whose playing? The Pixies, Flaming Lips, Death Cab for Cutie, Hot Hot Heat, Garbage, Social D, Rise Against, and for the teensyboppers or whatever they're called, White Stripes, The Killers, 311 Dashboard Confessional, The Used, Black Eyed Peas, ...actually, the moment I saw the magic word "Pixies" I was sold, but this has now earned a place on my must must must go list. It is at the end of July and only in San Diego, but hey, if people can come from all over the country to see Coachella, Street Scene shouldn't be so different.

Oh boy, look who it is. Jimmy Eat World pouring their hearts out at 04's Street Scene, and me absent from the show. Can you say you're surprised?

Moving on. How would you like to be the ugliest person in the world? In a recent effort to participate in a contest (I missed the deadline...again...who's suprised?), I used my wonderful (read: terrible) talent to create a tale about the ugliest woman in the world. The storyline does not seem to make sense and truthfully, I could not care less about the character. However, it's been a while since I finished any stories so this is a moment of happiness...I think.

Moving further on. I'm thinking about changing the layout of this lovely blog. I love the little Grim Reaper guy, but, like someone said, black text on red background probably isn't the easiest to read. And besides, I'm almost getting bored of it. However, I can't seem to find any cool templates and since my HTML/graphic skills are lacking, I might have to resort to a Blogger layout with personal touches. But that'll take away the whole meaning of things and take away the few unique traits about this blog...decisions, decisions, decisions!

Sorry, guys, still haven't found any hot new music acts everyone should be psyched about. But blame the music industry, not me. Meanwhile, you can all get excited about Street Scene whether you live anywhere near San Diego or not by enjoying the greatest artists it has to offer...perhaps even more so than Coachella. Just kidding. Well, actually, I wasn't, but I rather not get ripped apart alive...

(one of my favorite Pixies songs)Monkey Gone to Heaven-Pixies
Good Night, Good Night-Hot Hot Heat
Do You Realize-The Flaming Lips



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