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Bringing Out The Interactive Horror Art

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We interrupt the music to bring you an update on horror animation--interative features. This particular one features an all time classic creep out--a doll. Dolls seem to belong in that catagory with clowns. There is something disturbing about them, even without watching movies like Chucky or reading stories like "Gina's Doll," written by yours truly about a doll's control of an innocent girl's mind to murder her father and stepmother. However, if you've never felt uncomfortable about dolls before, now is a good time as any to start. Check out this installation from Australian artist Van Sowerwine, which can only be described as unsettling...a lot, and rather terrible. I felt nervous playing with it, and that was without sound.

Here's a little blurb to perpare you:

Maybe you were one of the first people to get that Internet "ghost" that was passed around several years ago. Or maybe you got that bootleg copy of The Blair Witch Project or Ringu months before everyone else knew what hit them. If you weren't, check out this installation piece by Australian artist/animator Van Sowerwine, which is absolutely the creepiest thing we've seen in ages

Go ahead—click on one of the objects glowing in the room of that round-eyed little girl. Then keep clicking. Will you stop once you realize that every click you make leads inexorably to something awful? Or will you circle back to try the objects you didn't choose or the paths you didn't explore, you little sicko? You have the power—and that's the object of this unnerving little exercise in active voyeurism.

Our suggestion: save the writing tablet for last.

I suggest you save the writing tablet as well, and if you don't feel too bad, try and check out all the choices, some objects have more than one result.

Click here to "Play With Me"



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