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Excuse my outbrust in the title but it's just that last month, so many things were happening which included the testing and my teachers suddenly inspired to give me as much work as they possibly can and me getting D's on all of my quizzes...

But, hopefully, now that's all over, I can get back on track with everything. I apologize so very much for not updating at all.

So...first song today is by a delightful indie pop band, The Unicorns, and the song is off their 03 CD, Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone? That's right, a classic indie whimsical title along with a classic indie pop whimsical sounds. You should all know by now that even wtih their strange, distant effects and vocals and guitars, they still never fail to sound--catchy. This song, especially, floats above your head and then pierce through the clouds to lift you up, no matter how you were feeling.
Download: Child Star-The Unicorns

Next, the Foo Fighters is one of my favorite rock bands. Yes, I say rock, because grunge is rock. If I really wanted to classify every band into every subgenre, well...I wouldn't. So I'll leave it at that. Anyways, The Foo Fighters are coming out with a double album in the summer, which is going to be one, harder electric rock and one acoustic disk. I'm really excited. Here's the single off the album, "Best of You". It sounds like they're going to back to their heavier, less Goth, more rock pre One By One days, which is great. But maybe you disagree...so check out the song yourself.
Download: Foo Fighters-Best of You

Now, um, I know I've been posting emo quite a bit lately, but I can't help but smile whenever I hear the raw screechings of some desperate heart...it's especially helpful when I'm writing, you know, so I'm going to leave you today with a really cool emo band, Hot Cross. They're actually a little grind, a little screamo, a little chaotic. But not as much as other emo bands I'm listening to (Pg.99, anyone?). So yeah, listen to this brutal, beautiful song and rejoice...and never misuse the term emo in the face of such greatness, ever again.
Download: Hot Cross-Fortune Teller



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