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To Feel the Fear Before You're Here

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Hey everybody go look at my new blog! There isn't much content as of yet, but it will be very very exciting in the near future.

The Cure-Friday I'm In Love

I woke up this morning, and outside, the sun spun on, but without the extreme, unpleasant heat, and the birds (there's a nest of them right above our door. It's the most adorable thing ever!) didn't stop twittering, and everything looked wonderful. And I got up, feeling this incredible summery energy, and this song popped in my head. It had been a while since I listened to The Cure--mostly, it's just when I'm feeling depressed, angsty, in need of familiar moody, atmospheric music, but today, this song was written for me. For everyone, really, who felt that lift of spirits, that release of happiness, that fluttery rush of love, of the world. And oh, soaking in The Cure in their dodgy optimism, can there be anything better?

The Get Up Kids-So Close to Me (Cure cover!)

And while we're on the topic of the scene and The Cure, here is a bouncy, fun, cover of a Cure song by the Get Up Kids. I always thought they had some sort of indie cred--far better than, say, Panic! At the Disco. They're a bit more along the lines of The Promise Ring and Saves the Day than Hawthorne Heights and whatever shitty wanna be screamo band that everyone else is adoring now, aren't they? But I really shouldn't be judging, considering...oh, nevermind. Just, you know, ironic that The Cure is ending up such a fiting little sound for the glorious summer.



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