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Fire Eye'd Boy Give Them All a Slip

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Watch: Broken Social Scene-Fire Eye'd Boy

This is such a strange video for this song, featuring half of Broken Social Scene --the, uh, skinny hipster guys with curly hair half--training hard for what appears to be some sort of an American Idol type competition, a lesson on fear by a crazy coach, locker rooms, jumping about in bath robes and gym short shorts, and a number of funny guests and snippets of talk.

It's a lot of fun to watch--but also, again, so weird for this song. I don't know--it's very unexpected, but surprises are good! Surprises are fun! It's slightly distracting from the song, but that's what music videos are all about, right? ;)

Favorite bit:
"If you don't run faster, I'll pull your CD from the stores!" That'll get them moving. Runner up: their auditions. And also: the last bit with the rocket. Yay.



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