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A Clockwork Orange

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Here are some things you should know about A Clockwork Orange:

1. Immediately after watching the movie, I dubbed it my favorite movie. And I am usually not one for naming favorites right off the top of my head, especially if it's a movie, since movies pass and go...

2. Immediately after dubbing it my favorite movie, I went ahead and Wikied it, and looked for all sorts of exciting things associated with it since I knew it was a cult film and all.

3. The day immediately after, I watched it again. And dubbed it the most amazing film of all time.

4. The cinematography is brilliant. The acting is perfection. Wow.

5. The words were delicious.

6. Immediately after that, I read the book.

7. And that was real horrorshow, too, but I think, mostly due to my still flaming obsession for the movie, I only wanted to relive the film and did not appreciate it as much as I probably could have under any other circumstances.

8. I think that is all, for now.

9. Here is the signature song from the movie, "Singing in the Rain" by Gene Kelly, which is rather wonderful in its own right, but after that infamous scene from the movie is to be heard in a whole other light...I seem to have this unhealthy habit of constantly coming back to listening to it. It's also good for laughs when played in the presence of people ignorant of the movie, and thinking that it is indeed a good piece of old music.

10. If you have not seen the movie, this is like a direct command to watch it. Seriously. Jaw dropping, obsession worthy pure brilliance. I've never seen anything that affected me this much.



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