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So today is a special post.

Since tomorrow is my personal birthday, and since I originally started this blog in March of 2005, then went on a break from like June till September...I've decided to dub today, June 23, as the blog's official birthdate (don't ask me about the math, okay?).

Which means, lovely readers, that today is The Bubble Death's one year birthday! Balloons! Fireworks! Cake! Presents! Myspace (maybe?)!

Here's what I'm going to do as a present for myself...are you ready? It's super exciting and much too late. Take a wild guess as to what it is. It doesn't involve mp3s.

Hey, look, there goes my readers!

Ah, well, what I have in store is actually much more exciting...ie, a nonexistant faq and an about this blog/me section! Isn't that super exciting?!

If you're wondering why I'm using so many exclaimation marks and super
it's because it's the summer and it's been a few days of warm nothingness and now this hyperactivity is bubbling up and I just can't help it. So. Yes. What follows will be two posts that shall live on forever in the memory of the bubble death. I shall also hope to update the side bar and make things exciting, and maybe even a redesign if I'm feeling up to it...wait and see.

In the meanwhile, I'll have some mp3s up, just not today, not right now. Ah.



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