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The Lucksmiths-Young and Dumb

This is such a perfect, frolicking, romantic, sweet, adventuring summer twee pop song I can't stand it. The low key instruments, and even Marty's near nonchalant book reading boy voice adds to the charm of this little track.

Imagine: You and that someone cruise on the highways in your "vintage" (but what everyone else calls "old") car, and it's June, the heat haven't sunk in, but there's a breeze brushing against the windows. So you roll down the windows, and you turn up the stereo, and The Lucksmiths are singing, but they're singing for you, they're just as in love with the world as you are, and they can tell it. They have rolling guitars and gentle drums, and they're young, and they're young and dumb...and so are you, and you sing along, and everything is so, so hopeful.



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