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James Rabbit-Wardrobe

Like you hear explosive, hyper but catchy war-like dancy hip pop/rock about clothes every day, this is a fresh injection of insanity into your otherwise boring routine of read and download, listen and disregard or love. James Rabbit is just the sort of over active, over working, over clever (but in a really good way!) artist you need to start off the week. The bounce and insistence of those instruments and drums, the hipster friendly crisp whtie leather jacket almost visible through the layering echos of superspeed, almost maniac chanting of the importance of the right wardrobe...the hook of the keyboard and guitars, the effects dancing underneath, flickering and adding to the happytastic, hypertastic, fashiontastic fireworks and booms of the most fun, colorful variety. And, don't forget! If you like what you hear, go to his blog where you can still email him for a free copy of the awesome record.

It's a wonderful way to kick off a week...and actually it is the dreaded finals week, which means that you might have to bear with a little time off while I try not to smash my head against the textbook...sigh.



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