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Book Talk: How To Be Blog'd, Interrupted

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Guess the good news.

I'll give you a hint, it has to do with me, not having dial-up.

Okay? Okay!

So, things of note:

The most freaking adorable/clever/awesome pixel site ever (okay, so far...) goes to Flip Flop Flying, which has an amazing collection of Mini Pops, which are mini pixels of celebrities and interesting characters, and a bunch of bands that you've probably heard of...i.e, Mr.Tortured Artist/Indie God, or, you know, the kids who killed radio . Or whatever. Go see it.

And, furthermore, this can be like an update/book talk (X2) update.

Book 3: Girl, Interrupted-Susanna Kaysen
Verdict: Maybe

This was a really short read, and since I liked the movie, I thought I'd check it out. Plotwise, the movie turns the story around, adds drama and friendship and adventure, all the stuff you'd expect Hollywood to do, and Angelina Jolie really perfected that role, and it does make a better story, but the book present a whole other view. The flash scenes are effective, although some of the medical talk could have been spared. It's an interesting take on insanity and what not, and the writing is simple but rather charming.

Book 4: How to Be Good-Nick Hornby
Verdict: try it

See, after hearing all these amazing things about Nick Hornby, this ends up being the first book I read by him--and it ends of being one of the not so good ones, according to the wonderful reviewers on Amazon. But, if this is his worst book, and if I liked it, already--mostly the veils and veils of irony and funny moments, classic Hornby moments that I guess are found more often in his other books--then I must adore evyerthing else he writes. I shall need to check more out. Anyway, this is an interesting perspective to take on, the boring middle aged woman who's "good", and her ex-sarcastic/angry husband. Interesting ideas about being "good". And really, the book was "good". I can't see another way to describe it, as mostly it's...you know what, just pretend you didn't read this whole paragraph...



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