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Cat Power-Dreams

This Chan Marshall girl's got a beautiful voice and really nice instrumentals and melodies, and her voice is pretty damned powerful and attention pulling (but as in this song, often fragile and desperate, in the best ways)...but not so much that I would turn to her all the time. Enough so that I can appreciate songs like this one now and then, though, and enough to be slightly excited for her new album, which I mentioned yesterday. This song is a haunting, melancholy journey to...piano driven dreamy heart of country soul, I guess...

Okay, so the truth is I can just about appreciate the beauty of what Cat Power's doing, but personally I'm not feeling it. I don't know. There's no emotional punch to my brain or extreme fun pop sensibilites attached, and sure it's a hard to get cover (read: Japanese bonus track) of an Everly Brothers song, but sometimes obscurity and this sort of soothing melody just doesn't do it. For a day like this, though, when the cold sneaks onto the tips of my fingers and the slowness of the day settles down, it does seem rather perfect.

And yes, I know--I just contradicted myself about seven times.



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