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First, OMG! Stephen King has a new novel out! It's called Cell
and you can view an exclusive interview with the master of horror himself there. A small rant about Stephen King: just because he's a prolific writer and a best selling writer as well doesn't mean he lacks literary merit. The critics who group him with the likes of Anne Rice are obviously out of their minds--or just dead jealous of his success/so pretencious that they can't recognize good story tellers even if it's slapped in front of them--there needs to be emotional distress and family problems for it to be a true work of art! Seriously, I would rather read a hundred different versions of any horror story by a good writer than a hundred versions of the same family tie story by an utterly boring writer.

Second, today's a major CD release date--but I'm sure you already know that. It's like Rilo Kiley domination, what with Jenny Lewis's solo album and The Elected's album, not to mention Cat Power, The Gossip, Tortoise + Bonnie "Prince" Billy...Robert Poland, and many, many others. Check the boy for the list and wonderful things like that.

Third...you know, I can't seem to remember. Something about the the Bloggies and how you should vote for the likes of Post Secret and Said the Gramophone...hmm.



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