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Book Talk 5: American Gods

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Book 5: American Gods-Neil Gaiman
Verdict: Read read read!

Neil Gaiman has to be another one of those writers I keep hearing about and finally got to check out. He blends everything I adore--like Stephen King meets Terry Pratchett meets Chuck Palahniuk meets mythology, which I always found rather interesting but not interesting enough to actually look into. The non-traditional horror-fantasy novel is of the battle of the Gods, the Gods brought overseas and abandoned in America, and the Gods of modern day--the TV, the Internet, the car, fearful of being replaced, and at the center of it...some ex-prisoner named Shadow with some mysterious God type friends.

I finished this book a couple of days ago and just haven't go taround to blogging it, and as a result I've forgotten mostly what happened in it except that it had great writing and a great story. It's not that it's a forgettable book--it's just that I"m a forgettable person. I can tell you, though, that the characters--Gods, humans, and dead humans alike--are personalized and jumping alive wtih witty dialogues and wonderful plot points. Plenty of fantasy worlds to mull over, dark and realistic, rich and detailed descriptions without the "classic" boring fantasy images of trees and pebbles on the ground, and a great read. I have a feeling that Neil Gaiman will be added on to my lists of favorite authors very soon.



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