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Book Talk: House of Leaves

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Book 2: House of Leaves-Mark Z. Danielewski
Verdict: Try it

So I've heard a lot of good things about this book--mostly people constantly recommending it and noting that it's "difficult, but really good". So in my attempt to familiarize myself with various good books that I should have read at some point or another, I checked it out.

This is a totally insane experimental post-modern pseudo horror novel complete with 435345 footnotes and bizarre layouts and interesting printing in various languages, as well as a story inside a story inside a story. The camera behind the camera behind the camera, as Chuck Palahniuk would put it (Read ). The story of a living monsterous house is nothing new, but the format of the novel and the references to all sorts of fake articles and photographs, and rather hilarious interviews with the likes of Stephen King and Anne Rice about the movie that inspired the writer of one half of the book to comment and the (self admitted unreliable fiction) writer of the other half to assemble the book and apparently publish it, makes it all worth it.

A week wasn't nearly enough to fully soak in the book, though, and hopefully some time in the future I can check out all the passages untranslated in other languages, and the holding the book upside down and reading from the mirror thing...



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