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Saturday Looks Good to Me-Lift Me Up

The thing about indie pop is that either you love it, or you're indifferent. I happen to love it--but only if it's really quality. I don't think it can be that difficult to conjure up a few catchy and sparkly sounding melodies, get a female vocalist and play your lo-fi pop in your basement 24/7. But still, there are all these totally mediocore and unoriginal bands out there, and then you're stuck trying to find an explaination for all those popular indie pop bands differ from those totally obscure bands.

Actually, that barely has anything to do with Saturday Looks Good to Me (just look at the name!), which is really rather wonderful--indie pop, of the really rather more underrated than they should be type. They've got the whole cutesy twee thing going on, and the pretty art thing, and the pretty female vocal thing, and the keyboards and claps thing, but then, then they've got that innocent charming thing going on with their name, and then you pop on the horns and swish it together--and suddenly, what appears to be characteristic indie pop becomes a whole indie pop experience. One that, I think, is not easily forgotten.



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