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Rap for People Who Don't Like Rap (?)

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Straiht Wikid Crew-Get Down On to the Beat

See, I don't even know what I'm supposed to say at this point. First of all, I have enough trouble spelling his name (yup, it's one guy), in fact, I'm not even going to try anymore. Second:

I'm flabbergasted. Really. He describes his music as rap music for people who don't like rap. Sounds like every single one of Pitchfork's favorite uber obscure underground hip hop artist! Okay, I'm being unfair here. Pitchfork does bother me though, but I think you already know that. I'm off track again. See? This is what this guy does to your mind set. Insanity, of the really really catchy type. Like Eminem, but with surf beats. I bet that made no sense whatsoever. I'm not sure it's supposed to...

I can't trust myself to write anymore. Check out:
His website



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