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Well, it's one of those hosting website eats up your file day, which means that it's entertaining places and things to see day.

Pitchfork has its top 50 singles of 05 up. Rather strange. Rather hard to comment on, really. I do know that Kelly Clarkson deserves that number four spot. I do know that the irony is so overwhelming it's almost scary. I do know that Robyn made it, like just before the top 20. How typical. Ah, well, they'll be up with the real deal, aka the indier than thou top 50 records list tomorrow. That'll be entertaining enough. Stick around, right?

Next up, the cool kid over at that one indie rock comic, you know, the one with the robot and that one indie rock kid, Questionable Content, has his end of the year list. Plenty of obscure, experimental stuff there, and I think I love his comments on Sufjan.

There's this radio station in San Diego, FM94/9, who's all "we're indie rock we play good music we're not Clear Channel" except that they are still, actually, commercial radio, and they have this one feature where they get random people to submit playlist and make them DJ for an hour. I was randomly looking through the playlist--guessing the band selections with the pictures, you know, when I came upon this.
The Boy Least Likely To? Neutral Milk Hotel? Belle & Sebastian? The Decemberists? That's really pretty amazing stuff to play on the radio. Anyway, I was a bit surprised. Didn't get to hear his block, but it's really rather scary to think about.

That's it for now. Let's hope tomorrow my internet won't hate me as much.



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