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Oh No! Oh My!-Walk in the Park

You don't get this sort of delightful, unfiltered, cheerful and all sorts of awesome indie pop everday. It's like diving head first into a cloud of fluffy and padded magical realm where unicorns do speak and acoustic guitars are all tingling with candy coated flavor and butterflies soar above. Wonderful. Oh No! Oh My! (previously The Jolly Rogers and currently named after a Robote Ate Me song, I mean, really, how can you not love that?) are this little group of pirate wannabes from Texas and who creates these feet tappable and heart brightening melodies from, where else? Their bedroom. It's the perfect indie pop fairy tale, and all they need is a crystal chariot to carry them to hipster stardom.

Because, really, with a sound like that? A sound that blends Sufjan and The Shins and the Decemberists, but ten times warmer and cheerier? They've even got the ba-da-da's thrown in there for smile inducing chorus backup. That deserves a crystal chariot to carry them to stardom. And let's not forget their ironic lyrics to tip off the balance. Nice day for a drive-by shooting? Indeed.

In other news, if you're a big Neutral Milk Hotel fan, today is your lucky day! There's a complicated and rather confusing story about how it came to be, but all you really need to know is that there are now a collection of previously unheard/unreleased demo tracks that you can have! Check out the original story and the first couple of tracks, then head over to You Ain't no Picasso to direct your attention to another track, and the rest scattered through out the blogs.

What a fantastical, warm and fuzzy way to end November, don't you think?



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