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The Jade Shader-Eraser

Things of note:
Jimmy Eat World show at the Glass House tonight to which I will not be going.

The Jade Shader is opening.

And they also happen to be from San Diego. I just realized how much I've been neglicting local music, and it's wrong, and I will improve.

This is a rather Static Prevails era Jimmy Eat World similar sounding indie rock with resemblance in their guitars and drumming to other pioneers such as Spoon.

That compressed and edged bridge is just far too perfect.

Considering that San Diego is over populated with scenexcore/pop punk/fake hardcore/fake emo/alternative/rock bands, it's rather refreshing to hear something different. Considering that I won't be seeing them along with Jimmy Eat World, I have rather ran out of more descriptive critisms.

But, hey, blame the scalpers (although even the scalpers can't sell Ebay the day of the show, can they?)



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