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The obligatory "end of year" list

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In some sort of order counting down...I present you the favorite (not best) albums of the bubble death of 05. Considering that I only got back/serious to blogging sometimes in September, I think this isn't too bad...

Stephen Malkmus-Face the Truth--Indie rock boy sweetheart jumps back to indie rock with a new, pop and energetic flavor for all sorts of post-Pavement fun.

Sufjan Stevens-Illinois-the acclaimed "new" Elliott Smith with his crazy banjo and weird instrumentals.

The New Pornographers-Twin Cinema--Rocking power pop times a hundred, on top of irrational lyrics and lots of Spanish Techno.

--catchy, fun, attitude, sexiness, and all that dancable joy is the star that is known as Robyn.

Broken Social Scene-Broken Social Scene-Atmospheric and textured, catchy and diverse. BFF BSS 4eva.

Death Cab for Cutie-Plans
-Look, really, no one cares if they're on a major label now, and that they're more pop oriented now. All I care about is how wonderful and delightful they still sound, and that's that.

The Decemberists-Picaresque
--Pirates and writers, strange sorts of creatures...acoustic guitars and indie pop goodness.

The Boy Least Likely To-The Best Party Ever
-Twee vocals and pretty guitars about lost innocence and children's drawings. (T)whee!

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah-Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
-Fun, dancable, clap your handsable, hipster passable...what else might you ask for?

Spoon-Gimme Fiction
-I stand by what I said about Spoon. Amazing, talented, simple and majestic and indie rock in all its glory.



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