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Forget Anti-Flag, let's go Justin Sane

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Well, according a trusted punk rocker source, political pop punkers Anti-Flag has officially sold out with their new CD. In fact, it's like, emo (although I'm sure she meant femo). So, aside from listening to old Anti-Flag, which, if you're into the really poppy pop punk is not a very good idea, what else should you do?

Not to fear, Justin Sane is here. The lead singer/guitarist of Anti-Flag has a little side solo project going on, and actually, it's been going on a while. Of course, 80% of all Anti-Flag fans has never heard his music and probably don't plan to, but just because he's unknown doesn't mean he lacks merit. His solo work is even catchier than new Anti-Flag songs, and he dares to step away from political songs and touch upon life, friendship, love...uh oh, I hear you say, that must mean he's writing emo (although I'm sure you meant femo). Even his website looks rather emo..."keep fighting the good fight", all lowercase? Come on. My trusted punk rocker friend sure think so...but I beg to differ. In fact, with the flowing electric guitar in the background and his clear cut vocals and lyrics still unable to abandon the dreaded "f" word (aka happy fun), I say he's a lot closer to pop punk. Quality pop punk. Perhaps even funner than Anti-Flag.

Oh, Justin Sane is missing a lot of course. For example, it'd be nice for some drums, bass, and maybe even some back up vocals, but when this guy says solo, he really means solo. Especially since he's on Anti-Flag's very own record label, AF Records, he can pretty much record his songs with sololy his guitar to accompany him. But sometimes the simplicity showcases the music even better than random noise and effects (are you reading this, Xiu Xiu?), especially with Justin's unique voice, ever so pleasant and pop punky.

It's too bad Justin doesn't appear to persuing his solo project farther. He's only released a single CD, Life, Love, & The Pursuit of Justice and a demo EP. However, for some pop punk without all the fuss and for all the Anti-Flag lovers, this might be the perfect companion to your otherwise "sold-out" band.

For Pat-Justin Sane
Worst Case Scanario Survival Handbook-Justin Sane
The Protest Song-Anti-Flag



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