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leads to wonderful pop punk of the Dead Milkmen variety. Because yesterday I listened to The Queers for the first time (I've heard a lot about them before this) and felt the need to share their awesome music. Now, when I say of the Dead Milkmen variety, I mean they're truer to their punk rock roots than, say, New Found Glory. But of course they're still playful and entertaining and--catchy. Come on, I wouldn't be spenting time trying to get you to listen if they weren't (most would be surprised at this bold statement, but most do not understand the importantness of catchyness). And because they're a PUNK pop band, their songs generally don't appear to be longer than...oh, three minutes. Which is good since you can listen to more songs in a row :D. Go listen to them now.

***For some reason the copy and paste button isn't working on my stupid computer. Which means that you should remember: I am slaving to type everything correctly for you, and you know how long URLs get. Show your appreciation by leaving a comment and all is forgiven :D(and I have no idea what this sudden smiley craze thing came from...)

Download a couple songs at the
Lookout Records mp3 page (Find songs by artist-the Queers, right click save target as to download songs)

I like "See You Later Fuckface", "Surf Goddess" and "Punk Rock Girls" (trip down memory lane, anyone ;D)



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