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Already. End of year lists. Holiday season. This pretentious cold frosting on top of the dry sun still glowing in San Diego.

December. A close to all excuses of NaNoWriMo. Words that should actually sound like words. Music that should actually look like music. Too soon for end of year sentiments but too late for wishes otherwise.

Whatever. Hipster blogging poetry.

Technically, it's only been a few days since my last post, but it feels like weeks and weeks!

anyway, as is usual with me and end of things/start of new things, I like making sure things are fancy and flowy again. So consider this one of those look forward to new and exciting things in the near future type posts!

I'm just slightly upset that StG posted about awesome local band Da Bears immediately after I saw them live on Saturday and was converted and decided that they would be perfect for blogging!

As long as you and I know, right, dear reader?

We heard of them first.



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