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The Good Life-Album of the Year

Some songs tell stories. I don't mean pirates and princes, adventures in another land or a moment in history the Decemberists style, or even the shy, quiet stories peeking over trembling twee indie pop melodies, but full on stories with lyrics and emotions, and ups and downs, and a real plot and real characters, but more importantly accentuated with adjectives and nouns and verbs molded into instruments, lowering and raising of the volume and pitch, the accompanying acoustic strings, the full on colliding impact of everything.

Some songs are classics. And this is a classic, and this is a good classic, a classic worth listening to now and then and reliving the story. For broken hearts and memories, but detached enough, first person narrative in third person, fun enough, to listen to even when those sentiments aren't felt.

Some songs are worth hearing all the way through. And this one, especially is worth it, partly because this ending is an explosion, a climax and ending fitting for a drama and excitement. Because everything builds up, haven't you heard? Some stories do that. And some songs do that, and this is one of them.



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