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Hot One-Do the Coup D'etat

See, this is exactly what I need to kick off the Bubble Death regular scheduling once again. This Loud and Bold and Rocking, and also, tinted with Glam and Punk and Politics...okay, maybe that last one doesn't quite have the same effect, but, still. This is an anthem, and it features "oh la la's!" This features major guitar riffs and heavy drums, and it's still nothing that would be out of place at a hipster club.

Matthew Friedberger-The Pennsylvania Rock Oil Co. Resignation Letter

I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about Matthew Friedberger's new solo project. I was hoping for something a little different from the Fiery Furnaces style, but Matthew's still set on that experimentaly indie pop, although perhaps kicked up on the pop element (which is: excellent!) And while the Fiery Furnaces have always liked story telling songs, this just brings it up, again. It's like, strip away the most extreme (and sometimes pretencious) effects of the Furnaces, and layer pop kids approved energy and fun-ness, and slightly more interesting song structure, and then you have this. Which means, that I think I've come to the conclusion that, yes, I really do like it.



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